Paracord Partners

We are happy to share information about individuals and companies doing great things with paracord. If you make and sell great products or have unique ideas, let us know and we will feature you here.

paracord whip

Derek T: I make custom bull whips and stock whips in a variety of colors, lengths, and patterns. As a performer, I’ve spent many long hours using whips myself, and I work to make mine as functional and durable as possible. I know you will be happy with yours! Send me a message on Facebook @taylorwhips, or on Instagram @taylor.whips.

paracord leash for lizards

Jonnine L: I have been buying Paracord from you guys for over 5 years ❤ to make leashes/harnesses for peoples creatures!! I have an Etsy shop

Mr. Coop's Crafty Corner, for paracord jigs and other hand-crafted products. for finished bracelets.

Paracord Time for paracord patterns, projects and instructions.

I am Jaykob Pruitt I am a whip maker and I make custom whips. You can contact me at or elite_whips_ok on Instagram

I make reptile harnessess using paracord.


John Savage I started making things for myself, as a kind of therapy.....had some people like what I make, and it went from there.....

Patric S Paracreations USA, I make a wide variety of items, Lately it has been a lot of Get Back Whips. I also make 4,6 and 8 strand Leashes and Matching collars, Lanyards, Gun and Bow Slings...I am located outside of Yale Michigan, Near Port Huron. I have an Etsy Shop, and a website,

Amanda G I just started making paracord leashes for friends and it has taken off into a small business.


My name is Nancy and I make paracord dog collars and leashes. I love how my customers can pick their favorite colors and designs for their fur babies! Of course I buy all my paracord from you :):). Thanks! My Etsy shop is:

Tammy D. My link is

Pamela M, I make horse tack and dog gear, find me here on FB Untamed Tack or check out my site


I am Miranda and I make paracord keychains, bracelets, monkey fist, floggers, and so forth. Half of my proceeds I donate towards the St.Judes Children’s Hospital. Etsy:

Jack W - We have a Facebook page and we make a little bit of EVERYTHING from pacifier lanyards, bracelets, keys chains, Sunglasses lanyards to Jeep grab handles. Above is some pictures that I put into a collage.

Squirrel's Paracord Creations

I make a wide range of EDC paracord items....


We make and sell paracord boot and shoe laces.