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Here we feature cool paracord projects done by some of our customers. Join our community by submitting your info and photos via our contact form or email (

Dira D - Boceans

We are the originators of the Macrame Woven Over Metal Bangles and The Arthrilast Bracelets. Arthrilast are bracelets with hidden strands of elastic. This makes life much easier for our mature friends who have arthritis. Right now our ball end bangle bracelets are very popular. If you get to Cape Cod you can find us inside Cape Cod Fireplace Shop, Inc. in Hyannis as well as in The Flagman Store, Main St. Hyannis Ma.

Anne R - Alfies Leads

Made in Scotland with genuine USA paracord 550

Anita G

Black and gold bracelet for a high school booster club.

Brandon P

I custom wrap and decorate wooden paddles, a skill that I picked up while serving in the military. Below are just a few samples that I have done. An Independence Day Paddle, A Firefighter Paddle and a Fleur de les Paddle.

Carol D

I'm not nearly as creative as some, but I do very much so enjoy making and selling. My business FB page is

Christine J - Yourbagstore

We are located in NW Virginia. We make various paracord bracelets, pet collars, key chains, and leashes. We have many bracelet styles - standard cobra, king cobra, trilobite, cobra with charms, cobra with bracelet picture tags, and bendable forming cobra/king cobra with bullet ends using all copper wire.

You can contact us at or 540-289-5746.

Eric J

I make and sell custom exotic wood walking sticks with paracord grips and lanyards and paracord bracelets with exotic wood bull skulls. My products are for sale in a couple stores in Georgetown Tx., Revolution Home and Handcrafts Unlimited.

Michael B- Facebook

My business is called MB Sleeving. I make and sleeve custom computer cables with 650 coreless paracord. Here are some recent examples

John G

A rope picture frame I fabricated after seeing a 200 year old picture of the same. It is made of 3/16” paracord. starting on the inside there is a single cord next to a 3 strand simple braid, next a 4 strand solomon braid and then a 4 strand simple braid with a single strand completing the perimeter.

Kara M

I make paracord handles for yeti or yeti like cups. So far I make them for the 20 and 30 oz. They have become popular around my home town. I charge $10.00 for the 20 oz. and $12.00 for the 30 oz. The handles are made entirely out of paracord and are fitted to the cup. They are very packable and washable. I can make them in any color. Everybody that has bought one loves them since they aren't bulky.

Samantha H

Dog leash is done with a 4 strand round braid, finished with a double woggle knot with micro cord going thru. I display a lot of my work on paracord tutorials and on my business page, Samantha's Knot Shop

I also make monkey fist elephants! They are super fun and definitely an eye catcher!

Bob - Montani Liberti Paracord

The exclusive ar survival sling, features a ferro Rod fire starter, 21" wire saw, liquid filled compass, fishing kit, tinder, and a P-38 can opener, plus a removable knife.

Dog collars and leashes, collars can be slip collars or traditional buckle.

Jeep grab/assist handles, fit standard 3" roll bar tubing.

Plus many types of bracelets, monkey fists, lanyárds, etc. all custom made when ordered, tied to your needs. Email us at

J Robinson - UdiImpulsePower

Here are some of the paracord products I have available at also check us out on Facebook Braiding Braiding.

Rachel M - WolfCreekWhips

At Wolf Creek Whips, my desire is to build a quality durable handcrafted whip to serve your needs.

Joy B

I have made cobra and king cobra knot bracelets, dog collars, key chains, and jeep grab handles. I enjoy learning to make new items as well.

Scott M - Facebook

550Braceletsandmore. Visit our facebook page by clicking on link above.

Manny L - Pull Tight Paracord

Stacy G - GlammieJam

Visit my daughter's Facebook page by clicking on the link above.

Mark T

We specialize in hand made paracord items at great prices. We sell YETI style Rambler handles, duck call lanyards, duck/small game totes, rifle/shotgun slings, dog leashes, dog collars, short dog tabs, dog whistle lanyards, referee whistle lanyards, compound bow wrist slings, compound bow shoulder slings, bracelets, key chains, work I.D. holders, Law Enforcement neck badge holders. We also specialize in custom items with custom colors. We have a variety of colors on hand, and if we do not have your color we will get it. We will ship in the United Stated for $5.00 flat rate shipping.

Steve M

Below is a photo showing some of my work. The yellow outer pieces are hand straps for an SUV roll bar. The inner pieces are bracelets for the Carolina Panthers, Virginia Tech Hokies and key rings for NC State, Georgia and Georgia Tech.

Michael P - Ebay

Here's a few projects that I use Paracord for, which are also available on ebay.

Stacy L - Etsy

Everything I sell is on my etsy shop or on my facebook page:

Kristi B - Peace, Love, Ponies

Peace, Love & Ponies offers custom paracord bracelets, reins, headstalls and breast collars! Right now I'm just starting out and have a FB business page. Check it out!

Perry and Tracy B

Cobra knot paracord bracelets with Colon Cancer Awareness charms and corresponding color. Paracord Awareness Key Ribbon for Colon Cancer. Carabiner clip paracord key rings. Each length of paracord is a cobra knot and is approximately 3" with a 1-1/4" split key ring.

Samantha W - Etsy

I make mostly keychains, but also bracelets and animal leashes and collars. I have an Instagram page under @parakreations

Patty J - Gannon Paracord

How I got started making paracord dog collars, leashes and other small items. I was my dad's care taker for many years, he lived next door but passed away a year ago. I was devastated and needed something to help get over the loss. I found you tube and and learned some paracord knots. With my love of dogs and Paracord it has been a great combination. It has helped in the healing.

Richard B - Etsy

I make a variety of paracord creations. From bracelets to keychains and even headbands. Products can be customized in a variety of colors to fit the needs of the wearer. I run everything through my etsy shop.

Ben V - Facebook

I make custom paracord slings for rifles for gun enthusiasts. I offer a variety of sling types as options along with custom color choices.

Carri U - Etsy

I play roller derby for the Ann Arbor Derby Dimes. I developed a pattern for toe guards that worked really well for nearly all skate boots and plate setups. My design, paired with Paracord, offer longer lasting protection, not to mention the infinite color options and color combinations. My products are sold on my Etsy page. Information is also available on the Facebook page.

Ruth M -

Outdoor Public Art Installation.A “Hanging Garden” art installation was commissioned, designed and created for Montefiore Health System in the Bronx, NY. Paracord Galaxy had all the colors I needed make floral elements that cover two levels of railings for the hospital courtyard, bringing a welcoming and colorful respite for patients, visitors and health care workers.

I also made monkey fist, celtic knot and woggle rings, etc, for the hospital’s community day and artist marketplace events. I am a fine artist who works with fiber generally, please visit my website to view my other artwork.

Angie H - Etsy

I specialize in rescue weave belts, where the paracord can be undone by just pulling the end, rather than untying knot after knot. I make rifle slings that have been a huge hit with family and customers alike. I also recently ventured into guitar straps. I also take custom orders.

Pete M

Sling for a rifle, wrap and Turks head on night sticks made from oak and walnut saplings and dog color I made for my dog Blue and a wrap for a Tonto I made.

Matthew J

I make many different kinds of paracord bracelets, belts, dog collars, necklaces, anklets, and more. I love adding my own style and twist to everything. I use Paracord Galaxy cord and supplies and, of course, their many free buckles!

Sherrie P -

I design accessories for women, men and the home, made of Mexican oilcloth. My collection includes 11 products, one of which has the strap made of paracord made by Paracord Galaxy. It is called the Pocket Plus, and has an adjustable paracord to wear cross-shoulder, around the neck, waist, or carried from the hand. I welcome you to view this and other products in my collection at

Andrew C - Re-Chanced Wood and More

I have recently gotten into paracording and I do order from paracord galaxy. My website has woodwork and paracord stuff on it due to the fact that I my first hobby is woodworking.


Baskets made from 550 paracord

William D

Here are some leashes I make and donate part of the proceeds to a local dog rescue

Adrianne H - Fundraiser

I make paracord products for police departments that have recently lost officers through my service organization, COPE (Commemorating officers and personnel everywhere). I make thin blue line paracord bracelets and keychains to boost morale in departments that have lost officers. My fundraising campaign can be accessed here.

Anthony S - Ebay

I am selling serpent river bar bracelets on eBay. You can choose your own size (instructions on eBay) to get one that fits perfectly. I make child and adult sizes. I only sell them in red with a black boarder. black 7 strand 550cord.

Barbara C

I make dog collars and leashed, bracelets with and without beads. I also make double sided key rings out of my left overs. I love to put odd colors and designs together. I also make the key hook that attaches to belts or purses. I make plant hangers and lanyards.

Brian R

Here's just a few projects I've made recently using 550 cord I purchased from ParacordGalaxy

Desiree M - Instagram

I run a small buisiness called commanche.tough. I sell handmade paracord tack for horse and dogs. I make Lead ropes, halters, reins, haynets, and so much more. I also sell hoofies which is like a sticker for horses feet.

Edward L

Paracord basket weave handles for saltwater rods

Ginger B

Paracord dog leashes and horse reins from B-Right Braids

Katie L - ChuteCollars

My business is called Chute Collars and Leashes. I make collars, leashes, harnesses, etc for pets. All my products are available on Etsy, as well as my website We can also be found on Facebook:
Our items are made from 275 paracord, woven to make extra durable pet products. All collars and harnesses are fully adjustable. We also make different collar variations, such as martingales. We also offer different hardware options, customers can choose from metal or plastic on their collars as well as completely custom orders.

Chad Hare - Etsy

I create custom made paracord accessories. I have a business named "HareBrained Cords". I sell my items on Etsy. You can also catch me broadcasting live, where I create paracord crafts online while you watch and chat with me via Twitch here:

Dillon B

Here are a few things I make out of your cord.

Nancy J - KnitKnotWeave

Our site Knit, Knot & Weave is a site where we sell ready made and custom Knitted, Crocheted and Paracord Products

Keri B - Facebook

Visit my Facebook page where I am selling my paracord bracelet and key fobs

Hugh J

All my paracord is from amazing suppliers allow me to get amazing results.

The Ole Survivalist

Susan R

I make paracord dog leashes. I make both round and flat leads. Some leads have both a ring and a snap for versatility. Additionally, I make whelping collars for puppies or use the same design for adjustable bracelets.

Leanne B - LeannesHandiwork

Here is a paracord bracelet I offer with a buffalo charm. I do offer other custom orders also.

Tom T

The Joker koozie and tactical six pack. If anyone is interested in anything they can email me at

John S - MadDogLaces

The last pair of shoe laces you will ever buy…. Our laces are guaranteed for life. If the laces fail for any reason just return them and we will replace them for free. FOREVER, no questions asked.

Anton - TheWinnerStuff

Also visit our etsy shop:

Ken B

lanyards, rifle slings, and accessories

Robert E

Here's a few pictures of a digi camo bracelet I made and a custom black keychain lanyard.

Kyle C - Facebook

I make get back whips for motorcycles and also key fobs.

Frank L - Facebook

Mark F

Here are a few Stitched Solomon Dragon bracelets

Robert R

Red-Yellow-Green = Vietnam Combat. Lanyard to hold I-D badge at meetings. Pins on I-D case are Wounded Warrior Battalion East Camp LeJune NC USMC

Nicole W - DaggiesLeashes

Daggie’s Custom Dog Leashes – Make the connection to your dog beautiful!

Faceboook Instagram


Lorie - ImAReinMaker

Ima Rein Maker offers hand-braided Reins made of strong, durable paracord that will look good and last for a long time to come! You'll also find braided Neck Ropes, Motivators, and Leads that will be made to your specifications just for you! Like us on facebook:

Raul N - Etsy

Here are a few samples of what we have created with 550 paracord

Melanie T

I make all sizes and colors of dog collars. I sell them anywhere from $5 - $15

April K - Facebook

My name is April Kasper of Kasper Cords! We make monkey fists, dog and cat collars, leashes, bracelets, kids cords, and custom work- we've got you colored!

People asked me to open a page to openly sell product, I've been able to help other pets in need by making goods for their auctions on Facebook for surgeries and treatments. I've also done a few craft shows too!

Jason B - JM Survival Straps

Jesse J - Deviantknots

I love to create many different things with Paracord. I strive to learn something new all the time. I can be found on Instagram my handle is Deviantknots

Joann W

I started making paracord bracelets about 3-4 months ago as I was looking for something different to put my medical alert tag on. Having a traumatic brain injury I discovered that learning new designs sharpened my thinking. Some days I struggle learning new patterns or have difficulty making patterns I have already learned but I am hooked on this hobby. In the near future I hope to start selling my bracelets.

Dianna H - Etsy

I make many different Paracord items and proceeds go to local charities. I have donated to animal rescues, children's fundraisers and officer down fundraisers.
Pictured is just a couple of different items that is have made.

Guy V

I got started on making paracord bracelets as pt after my middle finger had to be amputated due to a job related accident. Pink bracelets is for cancer support and the ladybugs on them are for good luck, the others are just for display. I also make key rings, chokers,and dog collars too.


Elizabeth S

Falcon Paracord

I run Falcon Paracord Products, a small business that specializes in custom paracord creations. I make bracelets, necklaces, rings, pet collars, and more. I currently have two unique designs of my own creation for sale, with that number set to expand. These designs are not available anywhere else. I use 550, 7 strand cord. You can visit me at

Savannah S -

My name is Savannah Stahl, I am 17 years old and I have been making Parachute cord items and donating 75% of what the proceeds are to Relay for Life.​ I started making parachute cord items for Relay for Life 2 years after my mother, Rachel E. Stahl, passed away from Brain Cancer. I have raised $1,351.00. My goal is $2,000.00 before I turn 18.

I make different paracord bracelets, lanyards, key fobs, & pet collars. My website is and I can be found on Facebook, just search Savannah's Sounds, and there is a page that you can like.
Ken W
These are the whips I have made with your paracord

The Artful Dane

Rose, owner of The Artful Dane, makes artisan macrame dog collars. She uses micro paracord for both beauty and strength. Here are examples of her work. Here's a link to The Artful Dane Facebook page.


Zach G

The main product I sell is the waterfowl game call lanyards. I’m just now starting to branch off with different items as well. The link to my facebook page is