Thanks to all who participated in our Happy Things paracord contest. We invited people to submit photos of projects that make them happy. We had good results. Three winners each received gift certificates:

  • $100 - Move public votes
  • $100 - Random draw from all entries
  • $100 - Staff pick

Winner, 116 votes:
Just horsing around

Winner: random draw

Winner: staff pick
Paracord wrapped hand sanitizer bottles donated

Honorable mention 33 votes:
Social distancing survival kit

Honorable mention 25 votes:
Rodent like creature from the place of glad tidings

Honorable mention 13 votes
Making puppy ID collars for the local shelter

Honorable mention 7 votes:
Survival Grenades, Alien Babies, monkeys

Honorable mention 4 votes
Colorfull and wide dog collar :)