Paracord Bracelet Instructions

The videos at right have basic instructions for creating paracord bracelets.

See all of our paracord project tutorials. Below are links to a few of our favorites. We have many more.

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We offer a complete line of buckles, clasps and supplies for paracord projects including paracord in various colors, bracelet kits and supplies, beads and charms.

Making paracord bracelets and lanyards is fun and inexpensive. Many tutorials are available showing how to create innovative designs. The videos at left provide a good starting point. With a little imagination, it is easy to create your own unique items.

You can mix and match cord to create thousands of color combinations. You can create bracelets that show support for schools, teams and causes. For example, some weave pink cord into a bracelet to show support for breast cancer awareness. Some show patriotism and solidarity by displaying the good old red, white and blue.

Many people make bracelets for their own use and also for gifts. Others generate a profit by selling bracelets to friends or to shoppers at craft fairs or on websites.

Whether you are braiding for your own enjoyment or selling items for profit, you’ll find we offer the best selection of quality cord in an astounding variety of colors. Some of the colors we sell are custom-made just for us – you won’t find them anywhere else. We add new colors on a regular basis so check back often.