paracord-bracelet-starter-kit.jpgSee our paracord starter kit.

Making things using paracord can be a fun and fulfilling hobby and many people create and sell items as a profitable craft business. Here are tips to help you get started.

Bracelets are the most popular items made from paracord. They can be simple or complex, narrow or wide, plain or decorated with all kinds of accessories. Many people make “survival” bracelets that incorporate items that can be useful in an emergency situation.

550 paracord is most commonly used for bracelets. It comes in any different colors and patterns.

425 paracord is smaller and often used to make bracelets for children and smaller adults.

On average, about 1 foot of paracord is needed for each inch of bracelet length. That can vary depending on the complexity of the bracelet.

3/8 inch buckles are the most popular. They work fine for typical bracelets but a bigger, wider buckle may be needed for more complex patterns.

See our chart showing the available paracord and buckles sizes.

Our tutorials give detailed instructions and recommend the type of cord best for the particular pattern.

fid or lacing needle can be very useful when weaving a tight pattern. Most fids are made to accommodate 550 paracord but you can also get models that work with smaller sizes. With most, you twist the cord into the top of the needle. The cord is slightly bigger than the opening and so you can't just push it in. You need to twist to thread it in.

Scissors or a sharp knife can be used to cut paracord. After it is cut, the ends will fray. Hold the end in a flame and it will melt and seal the strands. A “hot knife” can be used to cut and seal the cords in one motion. It is useful if you cut a lot of cord.

Paracord strands can be joined by heating to melt the respective ends and then pushing the cords together.

Survival bracelets are often made from enhanced paracord. We sell cords that have incorporated fishing line, jute to use to start fires and ultra-strong DYNA X fibers.

Some buckles incorporate a flint and steel fire starter. Some also have whistles and compasses.