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Camping Food / Backpacking Food

We've found that most “paracord people” are interested in many kinds of outdoor activities including camping, backpacking, horse packing, fishing, hunting, boating and four-wheeling. We enjoy those activities ourselves and are always looking for great products to enhance our adventures. Recently we've focused on easy backpacking meals.

Good food is a critical element, of course. Over the years we've become very good camp chefs and can grill up excellent steaks and scrumptious Dutch oven potatoes, plus many other tasty treats.

But grills are bulky and Dutch ovens heavy. Sometimes, like when we are backpacking, we want something that tastes good but is simple to prepare and easy to carry. We've evaluated many products and have selected Mountain House freeze-dried meals for our own treks. We like them so well, we have decided to sell them on this website. We've added a section titled “Camping Food” where we offer a wide selection of Mountain Hose meals in pouches.

These pouches are wonderful, light-weight, easy to pack, easy to prepare and very satisfying. Back in the day, freeze-dried food was barely editable. The science has come along way over the years. Today, every one of the Mountain House meals tastes very good. Even the freeze-dried egg products. As a Boy Scout, a million years ago, I could barely gag down scrambled eggs made from a dehydrated mix. Now, I'm hard-pressed to tell them from fresh product.

And preparation is a snap. Heat water. Pour it into a pouch. Close the pouch and wait a few minutes. Then enjoy. You can eat right out of the pouch, if you want. Most pouches contain 2-3 servings.

After a long day on the trail, when your bones ache and your feet are cold, it is wonderful to be able to sit down to a hot, flavorful meal without waiting hours for it to cook.

Some of my favorites are:

They really are good.

– Dave Webb