Paraclaw Knife Buckle or Paracord & Paraclaw Tactical Knife Bracelet    

The Para-Claw Knife is made from 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel (which means it's really good).  It's blade is 1½ inches long and shaped like a hawkbill. The knifes grip is about 5/8 X 3/4 inches at it's two longest points. The grip has a ribbed top for you thumb and a rectangular slot. This knife was designed specifically to be worn on a paracord bracelet. A paracord bracelet is started through the slot in the knife handle and woven to the length needed. The blade fits perfectly into a molded nylon guard/sheath with a latch to secure the knife. Also molded into the guard/sheath at the back end is a smooth metal T which is used to attach the paracord bracelet. This is done by making a loop at the end of the bracelet and slipping it over the metal T. You put on and remove the bracelet with this loop. The knife is designed to stay in the guard/sheath until needed. The bracelet itself is the knife handle. You remove the knife by holding the guard/sheath down with a finger and pulling up on the bracelet attached to the back of the grip with the ribbed thumb position. Insert the knife back into the guard before wearing the bracelet. Do not attach or reattach the bracelet using the knife blade and guard/sheath as the connector. Always attach the bracelet by using the loop and T.
Para-Claw Knife Buckle
The knife was designed small for a paracord bracelet. This way you can always have a knife with you that is discrete and secure.  What was Gib's rule on NCIS? Something to the effect of never go anywhere without a knife (I'm not sure of the rule #). I think most people will look at this knife as a self defense item. Wearing the bracelet with the knife on the palm side of your wrist makes it less visible if you don't want to show it off. It's small, lightweight, discrete and you can always have it with you. Of course, we won't overlook the other uses or reasons to have a knife on hand like survival, rescue, camping, hunting, all things outdoors and everyday uses like opening a box.

This is really an improvement for the paracord bracelet. The whole point of the paracord bracelet started from the idea of always having about ten feet of the 550 paracord with you in case of an emergency. Now you can add a high quality knife to it. You can choose any color or pattern of the 550 cord to make the bracelet. You can make it a fashion statement if you want to. However, the fish & fire or the parapocalypse cord used with the paraclaw buckle will make the best survival bracelet.

You can go to our tutorial pages on how to make a paracord bracelet for paracord bracelet instructions. Many different paracord weaves, different paracord braids, paracord bracelet patterns and ideas can be found there. How to tie paracord depends on what you are doing. Different paracord knots or weaves will produce a larger or smaller bracelet. For this bracelet I would choose one of the larger thicker weaves because the bracelet is used as the knife handle. The fish & fire or the parapocalypse cord used with the paraclaw buckle will make the best survival bracelet.

paracord keychain is another great way to have paracord with you. However, adding a knife to your keychain may get a little bulky. I think the survivalist or every day carry (EDC) folks would like a survival bracelet like the Paraclaw tactical knife bracelet much more.Para-Claw Knife Buckle Bracelet Kit w/ Fish & Fire Paracord

If you really wanted to get clever you could make this a paracord watch band as well. Weave the parachute cord from the knife to the watch and then from the watch to the loop end of the bracelet which attaches to the T on the guard/sheath. Watch on top of the wrist and paraclaw knife on the bottom or underside.

You could also make a paracord belt using the paraclaw Knife. You would do it the same way as the bracelet. The practical side of getting to the knife quickly for use would be gone. The belt would have to be removed so the knife could be used and the handle of the knife is now the whole length of the belt. It would not be convenient, but you would have a knife.

The manufactures print materials call it a Para-Claw knife buckle and a ParaClaw knife buckle, but I've also seen it spelled para claw. I guess you can spell it any of three ways.

The knife and guard/sheath weights about a 1/2 ounce by itself. Add the bracelet and your all the way up to 1½ ounces.

M. Shane Sullivan, Owner/Manager of