Battlecord Rope. Made in USA.

Battlecord is another cord or rope to come out of the paracord industry. It's similar to 550 paracord in that it has an outter sheath and inner core that can be used seperatly if desired.

The outter sheath and inner strands of battlecord are made from polyester. The majority of world wide snythetic fibre production is polyester. Polyester resists abbrasion, is very durable and has very little shrinkage or strech. It also resists mold, mildew, rot, UV rays and chemicals. For the most part it doesn't absorb water so it dries quickly when wet. When polyester is dyed it holds the color and does not run or bleed.

Battlecord's 7 inner strands of polyester allow it to be a true static core. Once pulled tight and tied it keeps it's tension. Other rope or cord can stretch allowing it to become less secure which requires more monitoring and retightening. The 7 inner strands are not cable like 550 paracord. These 7 individual strands are loosely twisted together, which forms more of a bulk core. To make the inner strands truely useful requires a couple of knots. Start puling a strand out of the core. Once it is out far enough, tie a knot in the end. Finish pulling the strand out and knot that end also. If you can keep this strand together it has a 350 lb minimum tensile strength.

View larger 2650 BattleCord - Black USA Made 2650 BattleCord - Black USA Made 7/32" Polyester Battle Cord Rope Black Made in USABattlecord's polyester 48 strand outer sheath is smooth to handle and makes a great protector for the inner core.

Coreless cord or rope is just what it sounds like. Remove the core from the outter sheath. This makes the sheath hollow and ready to be used as a protector for whatevere you want to slide inside it.

Battlecord comes in various colors and lengths. The one hundred foot length is most popular.

Variations of the name: BattleCord, Battle Cord, Battlecord, and Battle-Cord.

100% Polyester rope.

Battlecord diameter 7/32" / 5.6mm
Tensile strength 2,650 lbs / 1202 Kg
Weight per 100 foot 1 lb 12 oz / 794 g
Polyester outter sheath
Static core has 7 polyester inner strands
Individual inner strand tensile strenght 350 lbs
Colors don't run or bleed
Resists rot, mold, mildew, abraison and UV
Made in the USA
Not a life line

Manufactured by Atwood Industries.

M. Shane Sullivan, Owner/Manager of