Bungee Dog Leashes

My wife and I recently spent some time in Pennsylvania with our daughter Whitnie. One day my wife wanted to go to the mall to look for shoes. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get a doughnut and ice cream. This would make the mall experience worth it. As we walked into the food court Whitnie reminds us about a pet shop in the mall that lets you hold the dogs if you are over twenty-one. She has been there before but wants us to see it. Leaving the food court without a doughnut or ice cream because we are going to hold dogs, we arrived at the pet store. These are expensive dogs. Twenty-one and older for a reason. About four glass doors from the front of the store my wife says I want to hold that one.

I like dogs. My personal experience with dogs began when I was about a one year old. A part Coley mix bread. Had her for fifteen years. As I looked at dog owners the ones that got run of the mill mixed breads had them forever and they were usually free. Buy a dog and the chances of losing it somehow (truck, car, lost, stolen or whatever) was great, in my mind.

Back to that one. It was a Mini Australian Shepherd. As I later found out, she was papered with some champions in her line. After about an hour of holding her in the cubical they let you use, with many "can we keep hers" and "do it dads," we owned a paid for dog. No shoes, no doughnuts and no ice cream. Our entire mall trip consisted of purchasing a new dog in Pennsylvania with us living in southern Utah.

Whitnie and I drove the four-day trip to Utah with the new puppy, which is named Roxy, along with her two dogs Mia and Twist. My wife Rachelle flew home the day we started driving. Lucky her. The trip wasn't too bad. In human years Twist is about eighty, Mia about thirty and Roxy is in the terrible two's. The other dogs just don't want to play as much.

We purchased a collar, harness and leash, all of which had never been in Roxy's realm of experience. We had some short leashes as well as the reel type that extend about twenty feet. When we would stop and let the dogs out it was not uncommon for her to take off running and hit the end of the leash with a jerk. As I thought about this the idea to put an extension of bungee cord on the end of the reel leash came to be.

The two short yellow and pink extensions are to use on the reel leash or short non-elastic leashes. The longer the braided extension means more elasticity at the end of the line. The stop at the end isn't so sudden. I used 1/8" bungee cord and 550 paracord to make the leash extensions. The braid is a four strand round braid using a different pattern for each one. Depending on which cords you choose, you can get either a straight or spiraled pattern. I looped the braided bungee cord thru the clips and rings, so I could braid it back into itself. This worked great until I burned the ends of the bungee cord. The rubber stays sticky after burning. So, I covered the interweave with a 550 paracord wrap. The wrap covers the four bungee ends and can be finished with a single, not sticky, melted paracord end.

The two extra mini wraps on the longer of the two extension leashes are there for a very specific reason. After finishing the braid, adding the two metal ends and weaving the bungee cord back into itself, I noticed a flaw in my braid. It was a small flaw but visible. I did a small wrap over the top of it to hide it. Then I simply did another to match. Nobody would have been the wiser, it added a little decoration and that's what everybody thought it was.

The silver and pink camo leash is also made the same way as the extensions were. Longer gives it a lot more stretch or elasticity. I used the 550 paracord in the same way and included a wrapped handle. The black, grey and pink leash used 3/16" bungee cord encased in paracord. I used the same four strand braid as before. This leash is stiffer for a larger dog. It's finished the same way as the silver and pink camo leash is.

This was a fun project. I figured it would be a little nicer to man's best friend.

Bungee cord goes by several names including bungie cord, elastic cord, shock cord, bungee rope, and elastic rope.

M. Shane Sullivan, Owner/Manager of Paracordgalaxy.com