About the Bungee/Shock Cord Dog Leashes

Roxy 7.jpgWhen my daughter Whitnie and I started making the bungee cord / shock cord dog leashes, I thought they would be great. Little did I know that as my wife observed and Whitnie helped they were just humoring me.

I used the silver and pink camo leash first. I was making the leashes for Roxy our new little Mini Australian Shephard puppy. Within seconds of putting the leash on Roxy I knew it was better than the rigid line or webbing leashes we had. The bungee cords ability to stretch and absorb shock was so much nicer for the puppy. I really can't totally explain how much I liked it.

Next, Whitnie gave the leash a try a few days latter. She came back with the explanation that she thought she would not like it. However, with one use she was sold. It turned from a humor me project to a pat on the back for a good idea. I really did not get the pat, but she liked the leash.

Rachelle my wife was next. I think she does a lot to just humor me. After taking Roxy for a walk with the leash I was informed she approved. I also got a request from her for a shorter leash to use as a trainer to have the dog walk by her side and not all over. My response was to wrap the leach around your hand a couple of times if you want it shorter. It's the look I got. I'll make a shorter leash.

I wanted an even longer leash. The silver and pink camo leash is five feet long. The creation of a longer leash had already begun. The new pink and yellow leash is eight feet long. I have used it also. It's my favorite. I don't mind pulling it in with my other hand or wrapping it around my hand if I want it shorter. Roxy is a curious puppy and likes to sniff and look at everything along the way as we go for a walk. Giving her extra distance is fun. I like to watch the exploration.

The fish scale warp for the handle and covering the splices of the bungee cord is made using 550 paracord. They take some time to make but I like them. The wrap around the bungee cord for the handle is just the right size.

I've showed the leashes to several people. All positive responses with questions about how much they sell for. My response is, I sell the supplies to make them, but I don't make them to sell.

M. Shane Sullivan, Owner and Manager of Paracordgalaxy.com