hammock-whitnie.jpgParacord Hammock

Part of any paracord project is the fun of doing it and the people you do it with. Whitnie, my daughter, said she wanted a hammock. She ordered a fancy backpacking one but also wanted one she could just set up at her house. I told her if she would help me make it she could have it.

We made the hammock it in the living room. I prepared the hardwood wooden ends and a makeshift frame and away we went. Not having done one of these before and armed with a poor amount of research we made our share of errors.

The finished project will hold a very tall person. Whitnie is barley five foot (or under). The use of two notched spreader bars about a foot down from both ends that were just a little narrower than the two original ends would widen the hammock out nicely for a shorter person. Weave the bars thru the hammock webbing with the outer edges of the hammock placed in the notched ends.

5/16" Paramax cord or rope was used to make the loops on both ends of the hammock. 550 paracord was used for the hammock webbing.

After, of course it was after we were finished, we watched several more videos on how to make a hammock. One of the more humorous video links is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4ONWWtN180. Enjoy watching it.