belt 2.jpgParacord Self-Defense Belts 

lighter weight and slimmer

Our first paracord self-defense belt was made out of 550 paracord, a heavy duty inch and a half metal buckle and hex nuts. I wear this belt almost every day. I did find that some of my pants have belt loops that will take the belt, but are not large enough to let the tongue overlap and go back thru the first loop.

I made two more weighted self-defense belts using hex nuts. They are both slimmer and fit thru belt loops easier.

The black belt with white X's is made using 425 cord for the belt and 275 cord for the highlights. This is still a knotted belt. The smaller cord and type of knot allowed it to be much slimmer.

The pink and yellow belt (which I don't wear) is a ten-strand flat braid using 550 paracord. I made this one to show these belts are not just for men and that you can include the hex nuts at the beginning of a flat braid pattern (or throughout the pattern. The pattern for this braid starting on the left is O2 U2 (over 2 under 2) then right O2 U2 O1. The next sequence is left O2 U2 then right O2 U3. Repeat this pattern. The flat braided paracord belts stay slimmer than the knotted ones.

I still used the 1/4" hex nuts in both belts  They are in the area of the belt where the tongue needs to overlap thru the first loop of the pants. Because the tongues on these other two belts are slimmer there is usually enough room even in the pants with the smaller or tighter belt loops. Hex nuts can be added incorporated into the belt until the desired amount for looks or weight is reached.

M. Shane Sullivan Owner and Manager of