Pull Tape to the Rescue

Over the Christmas holiday in 2017, the owners of ParacordGalaxy.com (Shane and Rachelle) headed into the desert for a trail ride in their side x side UTV. They were joined by another couple in a 2nd UTV. Miles down the trail the 2nd UTV broke down. The mechanical problem was bigger than a trailside repair. Now what - four people and one functional 2-seat UTV? Time for a tow!

The broken-down UTV didn't have tow hooks but that was no problem. Shane pulled a short length of 2500 lb Pull Tape from the utility box and made a "soft hook". He cinched the loop of Pull Tape to an open spot on the frame, hooked on the tow rope and they were ready to roll.

After a 12 mile tow the broken-down UTV and both couples were back to the trailhead safe and sound.

What is Pull Tape?

Pull tape is similar to webbing but is soft to the touch, easy to braid, weave and knot. Our pull tape is 100% woven polyester. Its characteristics include low elongation, low friction and high breaking strength.

The industrial use for pull tape is pulling wiring and heavy cables through conduit. It's crazy strong but lightweight.

Pull Tape is a must have for Crafters, DYI projects, horse tack makers and outdoor adventurers. We offer it in 5 strength ratings - 200 lb, 1130 lb, 1250 lb, 1800 lb and 2500 lb. Our Pull Tape is USA Made!