Gives Back Contest Results

We devised a contest to honor people who use paracord to support good causes, and awarded three $100 gift certificates to winners, as shown below.

top winner

Most popular with 1684 votes.

For the past few years, my son Logan has made bracelets, ornaments and key chains for the family members in memory of Officers killed in the line of duty.  He believes this is a way for the family to know that their fallen Officer is not forgotten and forever in our hearts for their ultimate sacrifice. Logan purchases the cordage and postage with his allowance and doing odd jobs for our neighbors. On average 150 Officers are killed in the line of duty each year, very sad, and I am very proud of my son for taking the time to make each bracelet, ornament and key chain and for believe that he can make a
difference in each families lives.

Winner selected by random draw.

Relay for life awareness ribbon key chains

Spirit Award Winner

Our scouts have made and given away over 25000 paracord survival bracelets to members of deploying military. The bracelets have actually been used on multiple occasions while these heroes have been deployed.

We had many, many great entries and wish we could honor each. Below are those the received the next highest votes.

1011 votes - Get back whip custom made to match a motorcycle

237 votes - Girl Scout troop has a business making various paracord items to raise funds for a disability accessible Zip Line at their Girl Scout Camp. This will be in honor of their friend and troop member who had a seizure disorder and passed away. Approximately $5,000 of the $50,000 they have raised to date has come from paracord sales!

103 votes - Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Ribbons

47 votes - I will donating support the troops key chain during my husband deployment. To show support for our troops until they come back home. So no one thinks they are left behind or forgotten.

39 votes - Luekiemia Awareness Ribbons

38 votes - Custom made duck call lanyards that get donated periodically to organizations that take wounded veterans on hunting and fishing trips.

32 votes - Free bracelets for cancer patients, survivors, and caretakers, headed to Cancer Treatment Centers of America near Chicago.  250 done, 250 to go.

29 votes - I handmade both these walking staffs...both have Pink Orange Red and Blue bows...wrapoed in camo...Those colors represent MY FAMILY. Thats fighting Breast Cancer.


29 votes - Think PINK

23 votes - A sampling of our products for our Relay For Life Paracord Fundraiser. All proceeds benefit The American Cancer Society.

22 votes - Backing the Blue...supporting our local law enforcement officers.