SINGLE - Birthstone Floating Charms Topaz
    • SINGLE - Birthstone Floating Charms Topaz

    Birthstone Floating Charms Topaz


    Topaz Flaoting Birthstone Charms. Yellow Topaz for November Birthdays. Floating Lockets sold separately.

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    Round birthstone crystals 4mm.  Plastic charm.   Yellow Topaz color for November birthdays.

    Sizes, shapes, and colors may vary slightly due to the manufacturing process.

    Use with Floating Lockets.  Locket sold separately.

    Charms add style along with creative personalization to bracelets and necklaces. These ornaments come in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes.  There are many charms with insignias (Police, Fire Fighter, etc.), Birthstone colors, Christian symbols, skulls, as well as glass and crystal jewels.

    *Please note there is no hole to thread onto paracord.

    Please note price shown is for a single Bead/Charm.

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