Para-Claw Knife Buckle (Paraclaw or Para Claw)


    The Outdoor Edge Para-Claw Knife Buckle features a 1.5” hawkbill stainless steel blade with a gunmetal black finish. The nylon sheath/guard secures the knife until needed. This knife and sheath combo was specifically designed for a paracord


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    Upgrade your next paracord bracelet with the Outdoor Edge Para-Claw knife buckle. The buckle is slightly curved for your wrist. It makes the perfect combination of paracord and knife for everyday carry! Super charge this survival bracelet by using Fish & Fire or Parapocalypse 550 Cord.

    The Para-Claw Knife Buckle features a 1.5” hawkbill stainless steel blade with a gunmetal black finish. Grooves in the handle and ribbing for the thumb allows you to hold the knife securely. It is held in place by a nylon sheath/guard with a latch. The latch is designed for one handed opening which allows for quick access to the knife when needed. Your bracelet is started at the knife handles rectangular opening. It is finished with a loop that attaches to the smooth T on the back end of the sheath/guard. The loop and T is the latch point for the bracelet. Do not insert the knife into the sheath to attach the bracelet to your wrist. This would make the knife and sheath the latch point. Always have the knife secured into the sheath and then use the loop and T to attach it to your wrist. (This offering is for the Para-Claw Knife Buckle and does not include paracord.)

    Overall dimensions:

    • 2.5" long
    • 1" wide
    • 1/4" thick

    Package includes instructions for deploying the knife with either your right or left hand.

    Variations on the name include: para-claw, para claw, para claw buckle, paraclaw, para claw knife buckle.

    Click to play the video below to see how the Para-Claw buckle can be used in emergencies!

    Bracelet and Project Instructions: Instructions are available on our website and can easily be printed. Click here for our Para-Claw King Cobra Bracelet tutorial. Click here to view all our project tutorials.

    Note to our Canadian customers: Please check your regulations regarding concealed carry before ordering.

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