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    Deluxe Paracord Winder

    Paracord Winder -Features handle for easy winding and slot to hold the end of your paracord in place.
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    Paracord Winder - Keep your paracord organized and ready to go for your next paracord project.  Our paracord winder holds at least 100 ft of 550 paracord.

    It can also hold various sizes of paracord, shock cord, or ropes.

    Dimensions at widest points:

    7.5" x 6"

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    By (Dearborn Heights, United States) on 29 June 2021 (Deluxe Paracord Winder) :

    Knot so anymore

    If you're like me and hate to battle your cord while making your bracelets, then the Deluxe Paracord Winder is perfect. Well, you'll have to battle the knots, and twists as you first wind the cord onto the winder(s), but then it'll be smooth sailing, especially since these deluxe winders come with places to hold the ends of your cord when not in use. Just measure your length of paracord for your project, burn the edges to keep from fraying, and secure the edge, after cool down, in the provided slot to keep it in place until you need it the next time. I only wish I had found this months ago.

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