10 PACK - Pop Barrel Connectors for Paracord
    • 10 PACK - Pop Barrel Connectors for Paracord

    BLACK Pop Barrel Connectors for Paracord


    Available in six colors!

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    Available in six colors!

    Break-away safety connectors for paracord necklaces, lanyards, bracelets and other paracord crafts. Each connector consists of two pieces (one male and one female). Inner diameter of hole for paracord is approximately 3/16 (4.5 mm) and will accept Type 1, 275, 425, 550 and 650 coreless paracord.

    Slide the connector pieces onto the respective ends of your paracord before finishing the ends.

    When using 275, 425 Tactical or 650 Coreless paracord, the paracord end can be finished with a simple overhand knot at the cord end. Double up an overhand knot for Type 1 paracord.

    When using 550 paracord, we suggest snipping off approximately 2" of the 7 inner strands of the paracord before making an overhand knot. Alternatively, finish the 550 paracord end by melting the cord end into a mushroom shaped "glob".

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