1/4" Nylon Paramax Rope White Made in USA


    White 1/4” Nylon Paramax Rope. Made in USA.

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    White 1/4” Nylon Paramax Rope. Made in USA.

    1/4” Paramax Rope is a larger commercial version of Mil Spec 550 Parachute Cord also known as Mil Spec Paracord or Mil Spec 550 Paracord. This 100% Nylon Paramax rope is smooth and pliable which makes it nice to handle. The high 1400 lb. tensile strength gives it superior stength and durability. It resists rot, mold, mildew and UV damage. Assorted solid and camouflage colors available.

    Paramax Rope or very large Paracord (Para Cord)
    1400 lb. minimum tensile strength
    Diameter of approximately 6mm (1/4”)
    3-3 ply cabled inner nylon strands
    Mold, mildew, rot and UV resistant
    Color will not bleed
    Nylon 32 strand woven outer sheath
    Not a life line
    Made in USA
    Manufactured by E.L. Wood Braiding Company

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