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550 Paracord Lucky 7 Grab Bag (Seven 100 ft Rolls of 550 Paracord) View larger

550 Paracord Lucky 7 Grab Bag (Seven 100 ft Rolls of 550 Paracord)

Lucky 7 - 550 Paracord

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Each Lucky 7 Grab Bag includes seven (7) 100 ft. rolls of 7 strand 550 paracord. Lucky 7 Grab Bags contain an assortment of colors with no guarantee of any specific color.  Paracord sold in Lucky 7 grab bags is "Grade A", 1st rate, top quality 550 paracord - this is not defective 2nd rate paracord.

Why are we offering the Lucky 7 Grab Bags?  Because we love paracord, we love offering great products at fantastic prices and we want to make shopping at fun!

Please note that each "Lucky 7 Grab Bag" counts as one (1) item towards the number of items required for flat rate shipping and free buckles.
7 strand 550 pound test paracord!
Outstanding for survival bracelets, backpacking, hiking, 72 hour kits and emergency car kits.
This offer is for seven 100 foot rolls of 550 paracord.



Excellent Deal

Thank you so much for the great deal. 700 ft of paracord for the cost of only a couple hundred! The excitement factor of not knowing exactly what you are going to get is also a blast! Guaranteed to be getting a quality product no matter what i get so I have just placed my second order for this to see what surprise gets sent my way.

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build your colors

I did this originally because you get 7 colors of 100 ft for $4 each to build my color selection. I got some colors that I wasn't sure how I'd use them but have had some customers request them. My only complaint is that some colors have a plastic feel to them and I find this with the non-USA made products. But that's just a minor personal preference.
I am reordering another grab bag because of the quantity per $

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Not Bad

So not too bad a deal. I honestly expected to get crap colors with this but got mostly decent ones actually. Only thing I dont really like is theres no markings on the sleeves or paper on what the "colors" are so I had to search the whole page to find them. I like having the names of the colors I have to keep track of how much I have and if I like it its easy to find again to re-order. Just something that would be nice to have added in there is the names of the colors that were included on the packing slip to make it easier. However love the value of this bundle.

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550 Paracord Lucky 7 Grab Bag (Seven 100 ft Rolls of 550 Paracord)

550 Paracord Lucky 7 Grab Bag (Seven 100 ft Rolls of 550 Paracord)

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