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Shemagh Scarf Red/White
  • Shemagh Scarf Red/White

Shemagh Scarf Red/White

Red and White Shemagh (pronounced ”Smaug”,  “She-mog” or "Shemog" ) is a significant piece of any survival kit or bag and great for everyday use. It is also known as a Keffiyeh, Arab or Palestinian Scarf, Tactical or Military Scarf, Head
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Red and White Shemagh (pronounced “She-mog” or "shemog" ) is a significant piece of any survival bag and great for everyday use. It is also known as a Keffiyeh, scarf, head wrap or extra large bandana.

The Shemagh Scarf or Smaug head wrap has long been used by people in Arab nations. The Arab Scarf or Arab headdress often and unfortunately gets a bad wrap because of prejudice against the people or areas where they are mainly used. A good idea can come from anywhere. It’s many uses include Desert, Tactical or Military Scarf because of it's use as camouflage and protection against the elements in heat, cold, wind and sun.

How to tie a Shemagh or How to wear a Shemagh depends on how or what your using it for. There are more ways to tie a Shemagh than you have fingers and toes. Do you want maximum sun protection for the top of your head or multiple layers in front of your mouth and nose to filter the air. You can do a simple wrap around your neck for a little extra warmth or tie it as a sling for an injured arm.

Outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists look for lightweight quality tools and will pay a premium for them. The Shemagh meets these requirements.They are usually 42 x 42 inches square and weighs either 5 or 7 ounces depending on light or heavy weight. I recommend the 7 ounce version at a cost of about ten dollars.

Here’s a list of Shemagh uses (not complete or in order of importance).

*  Cut small strips for weaving into cord.

*   Put a rock in the center of the Shemagh, Grab the four ends and swing. Makes a great weapon.

*  Washcloth or Towel.

*  Sun, Wind, Dust and Insect Protection.

*  Tie leave or grass inside for use as a pillow or make eye shade for daylight sleeping.

*   A Scarf for winter and shade for the summer sun.

*  Camouflaging yourself or hiding a item.

*  Splint tie, sling, or tourniquet to stop bleeding.

*  Fold the Shemagh several times for a thick pre-filter for water.

*  Soak and wear for cooling. Especially good for head and neck.

*  A improvised baby wrap or small blanket.      

*  Padding for feet or knees.

*  Wrap several times to hold a hot pot handle.

*  Wave it for a signal.

*  Tied properly it can be used as a small travel or gear bag.

*   Head wrap to stop sweat from running into your eyes.

*   Last resort toilet paper. Cut into squares.

*  Protection in sports like Airsoft and Paintball and other outdoor activities like Hunting, Backpacking, Biking, Hiking, Skiing, Snowboarding, four wheeling, etc.

*  Wrap multiple layer in front of mouth and nose for an air filter.

*  Hang the Shemagh from all four corners with a rock placed in the middle and a container below the rock for water collection if it rains.

*  Wet and wear in a fire (forest, house, etc.) to protect your airways, head and shoulders from the smoke and heat.

These were just a few examples of Shemagh uses.

Our Shemaghs are

100% Cotton.

Weight  5 oz. lightweight or 7 oz. Deluxe.

Colors and patterns are woven in - not cheaply printed.

42 x 42 inches (107 x 107 cm).

Durable, lightweight and Breathable.


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