Angel Heart Bead


    Tibetan style alloy, angel bead with a mini heart etched in the center. Bead is slightly rounded on the bottom. Cadmium and lead free. Hole size: 4mm. Fits 750 paracord and smaller.

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    Tibetan style alloy, heart-shaped bead with "love" etched on it. Cadmium and lead free. Hole size: 5mm. Fits 750 paracord and smaller.

    Beads or Charms add style along with creative personalization to beaded bracelets, necklaces, or any paracord project. These ornaments come in all kinds of colors and sizes.  There are many beads and charms with insignias (Police, Fire Fighter, etc.) animal shapes, Christian symbols, skulls, hanging or dangling as well as wooden, glass, crystal and lots that are just plain pretty and fun.

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