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163- nylon/nylon paracord

550 Paracord Electric Blue Made in the USA Nylon/Nylon

550 Paracord Electric Blue Made in the USA Nylon/Nylon

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550 Paracord Electric Blue Made in the USA Nylon/Nylon

Type III 550 Paracord is the commercial version of Mil Spec 550 Parachute Cord also known as Mil Spec Paracord or Mil Spec 550 Paracord. This Nylon 550 cord is smooth and pliable which makes it nice to handle. The high 550 lb. tensile strength gives it superior strength and durability. It resists rot, mold, mildew and UV damage. Assorted solid, Multi and camouflage colors are available. The many uses it has includes making key chains, lanyards, belts, slings, hammocks, shoe laces, gear repairs, survival bracelets and projects only limited by the imagination.

  • Paracord (Para Cord)
  • 550 lb. minimum tensile strength
  • Diameter of approximately 4.0mm (5/32”)
  • 7 -  2 ply cabled inner nylon strands
  • Mold, mildew, rot and UV resistant
  • Color will not bleed
  • Nylon 32 strand woven outer sheath
  • Not a life line
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured by E.L. Wood Braiding Company
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Perfect blue!! Made a Viper knot bracelet using blue and red!!


It’s a vibrant color and it’s a good quality


Great pricing. High quality Paracord!

Cory Knyphausen
Nice electric blue

Quality of the cord is still very good but Atwood Red use to be a rich saturated red and without notice changed to a washed out, dull color as the above review said. It doesn't match the red in many of their other products making it somewhat useless especially if you're trying to pair it. 8-10-2022. I would love to see the old formula back.

Dave Webb
Very bold color

Love the color