Paracord Fixes - Real World Uses

Our friends and customers sent in these examples of how they use paracord (550 cord) in the real world.

Len H -

A few weeks ago, my six-year-old, broke her leg on the playground at school. When we were discharged from the hospital the doctors wanted us to keep her leg elevated so the next day, I was looking for better ways to keep her leg elevated in the car. I was walking through my ten-year-old son’s room and of course paracord is everywhere. He loves making bracelets and he even sells them at a local craft fair! We connected three of the bracelets and some loose cord to construct a makeshift sling for her leg. It’s worked out fantastically! Now she can climb in the car and buckle up her paracord leg sling herself. Before we leave on a car trip I always ask, "Whoooo's buckled?" and the three kids always reply, "Meeee!" But now, with the broken leg, Regan also makes me ask, "Whoooo's leg is buckled?" and she’s the only one who gets to scream, "Meeee!" She’s delighted. Paracord to the rescue!

Corrine W -

This is how we used our paracord! My dad is making it for all the grandchildren. Reed's was first and the twins are next. We love our zoo and neon green paracord!

Paul H -

After years of fishing and once in a while having a straightened or broken hook, i have figured out the answer to my problems. Use a section of Paracord to wrap around the tree before putting in your trout lines. The first weekend of using this method we caught a 32 pound Flathead and a 28 pound blue. It really works!!!!!

William A -

No Parking & A Bamboo Paracord Sculpture We live in a commercial building in downtown Durham that looks out on a city parking lot and have a small planter garden behind our building. The space in front of our small garden was clearly stripped and marked No Parking. Yet people kept parking there, spoiling our view and damaging our flowers as they walked between their cars and our planters. It drove us crazy as they often broke what few flowers we had and often made me contemplate acts of violence, which fortunately I managed to resist. Finally I decided to build a NO PARKING sign they could not ignore. I built a large bamboo sculpture using bamboo and Paracord. It is beautiful, draws complimentary comments from most people who pass and see it for the first time, AND now no one parks there – since the space doesn’t exist anymore. Problem solved. Plus it has started me on a new career as a sculptor.

Larry C -

The Fortis Boy Choir uses paracord bracelets, rings, and other paracord items to raise money for our non-profit organization. It has helped us raise money for uniforms, music, and our upcoming tour, July of 2018!

Mike G -

I made lanyard for my locker key and I.D. and liked it so much I made one for my house key for when I go for a walk.

Steve C -

IN summer of 1989, a friend and I were hiking an area in Angelina National Forest. My partner slipped and slid down a steep slope into a dried creek bed and was pretty banged up when I got him out of it and back onto level ground. I used a hank of 550 paracord to secure a makeshift splint onto his left arm and wrist (which he thought was broken, but turned out to be just badly sprained), and to create a sling to hold the splint and secure it to his torso. It was a long walk back, but the paracord helped make it easier on both of us. He survived this misadventure. I regularly carried paracord in my "jump" pack that I carried in my patrol unit, having learned years before in the military how handy it can be in all types of emergencies. (Several other times I have seen paracord used to secure bandages, splints, and even to create stretchers to move injured soldiers and accident victims. It is like my Swiss Army knife, better to have some around and not need it, than to need it badly and not have it.) Now, with the advent of the survival bracelet, it is easy to have some on hand all the time.

Joann W -

I sold my paracord bracelets to fix my epilepsy and PTSD problem. All proceeds will go towards a service dog for myself. The pics are bracelets I made to sell using your paracord.

Anthony -

This is an example of key chains I make using the paracord I buy from you. I can make them in any combination the customer wants. Anyway, the key chains actually double as a personal defense impliment as well. I wouldn't necessarily classify this item as an example of how paracord can "fix" something. Ultimately, protecting oneself from a threat is possibly the most crucial "fix" one can make in their lives.

Sandy B -

This will be the 4th year I will feature various paracord items at Redwood Adventure Camp(RAC). Every year, I teach 1st time campers how to make a simple paracord bracelet that often becomes a lifelong symbol of their experiences at camp. Since RAC teaches young people basis backpacking and survival skills, so I even talk about how every part of their new bracelet "could" help them survive. Thanks for being part of the summer camp fun at RAC.

Karen C -

My friend got a new dachshund and needed a collar so I made her one... then everyone wanted them!!!! So now I make them in my spare time with your Paracord!!!

Jaclyn -

I have seen a lot of horses wearing mule tape halters lately and I like how they look. I figured that I might be able to find the mule tape, then braid one up for much less than they sell for. I found a few pictures of the halters online and tried to figure out the pattern that was typically used. I had to take it apart and redo it three times, but I finally figured it out. was the only place I was able to find the mule tape to order in small amounts and the customer service was fantastic!

Ashley S -

I used paracord as a temporary fix to keep my swing from falling down before I got the chance to fix the top braces permanently! The swing was leaning really far to the right as I was standing in front of it so I tied paracord to the top of the left post and then pulled it tight around the tree that you see the cord going to in the second picture! I still haven't gotten the chance to do the permanent fix so the paracord has been keeping the swing up for almost two months now!

Kathi -

I use Paracord for lots of quick fixes: shoe laces, tent tie downs, quick dog collar, halter in a bind, bucket straps, fence repair, etc. But the one time I can think of last winter my horses winter blanket broke at the front buckles and so I braided some small buckle holders and they lasted all winter and still look great. I might actually replace my other ones before they break.

Chris R -

I love to use Paracord and teach knots to my Boy Scouts. In this picture, my bedroom closet door won't secure, thus my cat gets into it and hides. My idea of fixing it for now is a sliding tautline hitch between the closet door and a wall shelf. I can easily slide the knot, slip it off and access the closet then re- secure the door with the sliding tautline hitch all one-handed. Pretty slick I think. Not bad for an old lady that loves challenges. Did I mention that I am a double stroke survivor and can only use one hand for tying. I have figured out how to tie knots for scouts, make survival bracelets, Turks head knots, walking stick hand rope wraps, make knot boards, etc., again all one handed. Ya gotta love Paracord, it's better than duct tape!

Mary S -

My parents have some lawn furniture that they really like because they are sturdy and easily stackable for storage in the winter. However, the original seats did not hold up in spite of the rest of the chairs being in perfect condition. I took them home and ordered paracord through your company and replaced the original seats with macramé using paracord. I replaced the seats of all 4 of their lawn chairs. They are thrilled with their new lawn chairs and they receive lots of compliments from their friends. I am currently searching garage sales etc. looking for more chairs to macramé with this product. It was a really fun project.

Camshaft -

Not sure exciting a little paracord holder, carrying handle for my hiking poles.

Josh K -

With out my custom braided para-cord reins I would have had a couple bad wrecks.

Hunter F -

I had trouble carrying around my laptop and then I created a holster for it. It is the traditional Altoids holder except without the top, and instead of the top I put a strap for my shoulder.

Bridgette -

I am a teacher and we use paracord in our class all the time. At the end of the school year kids were super excited about fidget spinners. Rather than ban them from my class I taught them how to make them. We had a blast.

Charlie E -

My friend and I use your paracord to make bracelets and sell them for a summer job. One time we were asked to make bracelets to support cancer, so we went right to your website and ordered over 1000 feet of cord to complete the order! We were so glad how quickly it came and the order couldn't have gone better!

John -

I noticed a vet with a walker who had rented a little mobile scooter to get around the fair. He and his wife where having trouble trying to figure out how to attach the walker to the scooter. Para cord to the rescue ! After attaching the walker to the scooter the reaction and gratitude I received from the Vet and his wife was priceless. I was glad I was able to help a Vet. Great Day !!

Amanda T -

Lead ropes I've braided for horses

Chris R -

I had just gotten to work one morning and one of my shoelaces broke. I didn't know what to do but remembered that I had a hank of 550 in my bag. Pulled it out, matched the length of the original shoelaces and threaded it through and tied em up. Worked perfect!!

Richard O -

Some of the hand tools that I use while working with paracord needed some help. The grips on them were getting sloppy and making the tools less than comfortable to use. I removed the fitted rubber grips and using Type-1 (95 Cord) and applied a nautical wrap to the handles and created new grips. The wraps were secured with what is called a Turk’s Head Knot; In this instance, a variation called a Spanish Ring Knot. From there, the majority of the length was covered in what is called Ringbolt Hitching; leading into another Turk’s Head: A doubled (checkered) 5L4B. The final securing knot was yet another Spanish Ring Knot. All knotting on each handle was completed using a single uninterrupted length of cord.

CJ P -

Handles were falling apart and needed a little help

Lynn M -

I used 550 paracord to permanently repair my hammock covering. The original thread that it was stitched with had eroded away in the sun. I have repaired it twice before this, each time with 4 strands of a heavy duty sewing thread. And eventually, these stitches have eroded away also. About a year ago, i used a brown 550 paracord on another section of the hammock to repair the same problem. I didn't include a photo, but that section is holding strong and the paracord has not even shown signs of weathering! At this rate, the paracord will probably outlive the fabric covering---

Manny C -

Hello,I specialize in making custom made designs using my own original designs,here is one I've made for someone special, thanks.

Lori H -

I am a professional whip maker and I buy from paracord galaxy all the time! They have the cheapest prices and the best products. They are the best paracord dealer I have ever seen! Seriously!!!

Jody W -

I have rescue cats. I use my leftover PARACORD pieces to tie my cupboards closed. Otherwise the cats will open the doors and dump everything off the shelves. I know it's not a world shaking usage but it sure saves me a lot of time consuming clean up. There is enough of that with 29 furbabies in my house. When I am not cleaning up after cats , I make paracord bracelets, lanyards and watchbands to sell for supporting all these little mess makers.

Wendy H -

I use the 550 para cord to make barrel racing reins. By using the 550 my reins are easier to hold and makes the reins stiffer so they don't flop around.

David C -

Here is a couple of things.

Wilma W -

Paracord was not used to fix a physical problem but to fix a mental and emotional problem. I was feeling bored and depressed when my daughter introduced me to paracord bracelets for military personnel. The first week I made 63 bracelets. I love it. It has given me a new zest for life by knowing that I am doing something to help someone else.

Patrick H -

My name is Patrick and my wife and I were camping in The Great Sand Dunes National Park. The campsite next to us was left unattended when some strong wind picked up and completely pressed our neighbor's tent down splitting a pole. I quickly picked the tent up to stop the pole from completely snapping the pole and was able to wrap some paracord along with a stake to support it until our neighbors returned.

Lorie S -

I made a braided paracord line to span the width of a sliding door to the barn where my horses are boarded. (The wooden door behind the line is closed in this picture.) The door is open in the warm weather to allow circulation in the barn but a line was needed so that if a horse were to get loose, as sometimes they do, there would be a deterrent to not go out into the parking lot on the other side of the door. ​The line is also used to hang wet saddle pads and blankets on to dry. The line has clips on each end so that it can easily be removed if needed. It has been in constant use for a couple of years now and shows no sign of wear ...although it could use a washing! It works great!

Freddie S -

Son's shoe broke wading the creek fishing for trout. Like it better then before.

Cass L -

I hit a semi tire tread and it ripped the plastic bumper cap. Drilled holes and used Paramax to keep it from flopping or getting worse. Looks kinda cool, I think I'll leave it instead of buying a new $750 bumper, thanks Paracord Galaxy!

Keith W -

I'm a truck driver. The air line that connects the trailer to the truck came off, locking up the trailer brakes and leaving me blocking an interstate on ramp. Couldn't get the air line to stay on to release the brakes. Grabbed my paracord out of my bag that goes with me everywhere, tied a few quick knots and bingo, line holds long enough to get off the road and the on ramp open again.

Brian J -

I was in a jam and need to tie up a tarp really quick and all I had was my paracord. All I had was an 8 foot piece but I needed more than that so I took it apart and used the insides to get the job done!

Robert W -

Brought back to life these chairs with paracord,repaired the seats to make them come out even I had to measure the with and length of the seat and figure how many turns of 550 paracord 5/32 diameter it would take to weave the bottom of the chair.

Thomas P -

After a year absence from using my guitar, I noticed the strap was now too short. I quickly fixed the issue with a 12” piece of Chocolate Brown 550 Paracord.

Kelcy F -

This hobby started for me when I was tired of trying to find the right tack to fit my horses. So I decided to make my own! I started with small things. & now I'm making anything from bracelets to horse halters, dog collars, hunting accessories & so much more! I've came to find out over the year's that there's no limits with cording! I can learn or create new braids every day if I wanted to! & that's what I love about cording, because the list of things you can create is endless! Not only that, but I've also created a small business thanks to my cording hobby,KnotsByK! & It has grown way bigger then I ever imagined! The ultimate satisfaction for me is when a customer tells me how happy they are with their product that I made, and how great my work is!

Michael M -

My wife worries me because she goes out running as much as 7 miles outside and takes nothing with her. So I made her an ID bracelet that she was willing to wear. To get an ID, I had her information put onto a long dog collar tag that I ordered through the mail. When it arrived, I drilled a second hole at the other end of the dog collar tag so that I could weave a strand of paracord through both ends and keep it from flapping. I used a pattern for the bracelet that was wide enough to protect the top and bottom of the dog collar tag from rubbing against her. She uses it all the time when she's running outside, and fortunately it hasn't been needed to call me to tell me she has been hurt, but I at least know there is a way to identify her.

Chris B -

Here's some stuff I make with y'alls paracord . Y'all have the best choices in colors . Great quality and fast service. I've got a call lanyard that this will be the third season and it's still looks great .

Adam D -

I was camping in the badlands and bad weather hit. all the people around me had issues with tents coming up. I had 550 cord and we strapped many tents down to trees and rocks. we even had to use some to keep a tent door down for the zipper ripped apart in the storm.

Barton E -

I used paracord to make Hurachas. These are slippers/sandals that will not come off until I am ready to take them off. I incorporated Celtic knots for the bottoms, sliding knots for the adjustable strap and a slip knot weave to prevent the paracord from biting into my Achilles tendon. Buying a $4 pair of flip-flops is much better than purchasing a kit for $60 online. And my design keeps the cord in place, whether I am walking, running or hiking, wet or dry! People have come up to me asking where they could purchase these.

D -

After wearing my Casio solar tough watch for about two years the silicon strap began to split in a couple of places. While at work one day it ripped the rest of the way through. I ordered some different cords from you and made my first watch band I liked it a lot but wanted a different look so I removed the watch from the band and started over. Went with a camo/snake pattern and set the watch to the side of the wrist and not centered. Thanks for the great products and service.

Liam D -

I use paracord for numerous projects. Rabbit snare, man trap, wrapping on a walking stick and a bazillion bracelets.

Shango H -

Due to an old back injury that frequently acts up, I am occasionally forced to use a cane to get around. I noticed that the cane's handle was a bit slippery and got quite cold during colder weather. To combat this I wrapped the entire cane in 850 paracord and added a couple of turk's head knots for a bit of flair. The finished product was as pretty as it was functional.

Patrick M -

Solving the the problem of uneven heating, nothing works better than good paracord.

Jason G -

When I was in the Marine Corps I used paracord to fix broken boot laces.Now I'm in the tile business and the thin set and grout ate through my boot laces. I remembered the best laces I ever had: paracord. Bet my laces won't break for a long time. Thank you

Troy C -

My turn signal light bracket on the front of my 97 Eagle Vision is broken. It has fallen out several times while driving down the highway just hanging by the plug. I tied Black 550 Paracord around the plug, through the headlight support frame and then to the hood bumper to hold it in place. It has been there for almost 5 months and holding STRONG!

D'nise -

I have a set of patio furniture that is torn from age. I really like it and decided to try and repurpose my chairs. I took the beautiful grey paracord. Made a knot, measured, made another knot and threaded it into my chair. The result....a better looking chair than the original that I purchased, in my opinion, and fun conversation piece. When I get done I'll have a set of 6 beautiful patio chairs that are way comfy.

Victoria M -

I haven't had to get out of a sticky situation yet but I use it to make type one diabetes wrist bracelets and getting it to making different ones. I use out of this so then if a sticky situation comes up for the people who get the bracelets then they have some cord to use.

Parker A -

In the Army I found having a bundle of paracord to be very handy. But just the bundle in my pocket wasn't the best option. Years afterward I designed/patented a belt of paracord that could be unraveled in emergencies. I designed a knot for paracord that seem better than the conventional bowline end loop. it is similar to a prussic. the attached image shows how to tie it. I have been using it on paracord for decades. By my backyard testing it is a bit stronger than a bowline, is adjustable, but a little bit more complex to tie. Using it with 750 paracord I could lower myself from 4 story height. VERY CAREFULLY. but its main functions were to allow throwing a line to someone; tying shelters, etc. Plus having the inner strands allows for survival thread/fishing line etc. Now retired from everything, I'm remaking the belt with lighter paracord and new buckle to see how it goes.

Bryce S -

One day I was riding my horse and my reins broke, I did not have an extra set but I did have some paracord lying around, I made myself a set of red white and blue reins. After using the paracord once I have used it many times making more reins for my friends.

Lois W -

My laundry line broke. I bought your paracord to replace it.I had no idea how much I'd need -- something between 100 and 150 feet. So, I bought your 200 foot roll.

SurvivalService -

Hello I am trying to start my own business selling paracord hand made products we make everything everything ourselves just me and my partner shelly. A portion of all our sales go to benefit the American cancer society and the disabled American gets. I am extremely happy to say we are doing a fundraiser for a young man recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. We will be offering for sale our testicular cancer awareness bracelets and keychains at an up coming event to help this young man out.

R W -

Our dog would pull the leash handle out of my wife's hand so I made a wrist strap

Benjamin K -

I am proud to present to you the bullwhip that I created as a fun project in my spare time. I made this from scratch, using nothing but a 1/4" steel rod, metal BBs electrical tape and, of course, paracord. Full credit for the design goes to NicksWhipShop for his comprehensive YouTube tutorial. It took me about twelve hours from start to finish and is totally worth it. It cracks almost as loud as its leather cousin and is especially great as a first whip because the nylon requires no maintenance.

Dianna H -

Using Paracord dog leashes for hanging weights for our canopy at a Farmers Market during a windy day.

Robin H -

I make mailed dog leashes of all kinds.

Paul S -

The picture shows the wires weaved into 550 paracord making my kit neat and safe. I was deployed to Afghanistan 2015-2016.

Bryan D -

I haven't necessarily "solved" any problems with paracord but I do like customizing stuff. Here's a few things I made this week while tropical storm Cindy dump 12+ inches of rain on us.

Chrissy W -

For my friend's birthday last year, I gave her a small piece of jewelry, and a length of thick paracord in colors she liked so she'd have some useful and pretty rope on hand. When I was getting the gift ready, though, I realized I didn't have any wrapping paper available. What I ended up doing was tying the cord into a monkey's fist ball knot and slipping the piece of jewelry inside it before pulling it tight enough to close it off. It was just as decorative as wrapping paper, with no waste and the added fun of watching my friend figure out how to untie it.

Daniel G -

My make is Daniel Gutierrez. I started the paracord hobby last year, June 2016. I took my granddaughter to McDonald's for lunch in my 1986 Dodge full size passenger van. I place my large drink in the cup holder thinking I'll just hold it as I give the can gas, brake, and make turns.That was my plan.Pulling out of the McDonald's parking lot I forget to hold my drink! The entire drink exploded on the floor inside my van, AUGH!I began to think of an inexpensive way to prevent this from happening again. I HAVE PARACORD! I make two double Solomon cuffs attached to brackets that i screw the bracket to the cup holders, making the cup holder a whole 2 inches deep.I works great and no more worries.

Heather H -

Our boys' favorite swing broke! Paracord made it good as new!

Matt W -

I have been working with paracord for about 5 months now and it's great. One afternoon my wife and I were taking our 2 boys to the playground. My wife had been using a Velcro strap to hang things from the stroller but it had ripped. I was wearing a bracelet I had recently made so I used the bracelet to replace the Velcro strap. It worked fine but whenever we would open it, it would fall off. I had a lighter and a fid with me so I unraveled it a little and made a loop to fit around the handle. It worked perfectly and has become a permanent fixture. It worked so well that the neighborhood parents wanted them too. I've made and sold a bunch of them. It went from being a quick fix to a money maker.

Rob B -

I use your products to string lacrosse sticks. The color options and quality materials are what make my sticks the best. I use 3 different sizes of material in each stick.