Paracord Sizes & Buckle Sizes

We buy paracord rope pre-cut and there may be some small variation in the actual lengths of cords.

Paracord Sizes and Buckle Sizes

paracord size chart

buckles size chart

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Paracord Size Chart
Here is a quick graphic giving a visual comparison of the different diameters of cord in the paracord "family".

From largest to smallest, cord types and approximate diameters are as follows:

Again, these sizes/diameters are approximate and vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Buckles Size Chart

On buckles, the size measurement refers to the width of the inside of the slot (which is found on both ends of the buckle). Cord wraps through the slot when you make items.

3/8 inch buckles are our most popular size and are appropriate for bracelets and other products that are use 1 or 2 lengths of 550 paracord. If you need to push more than 2 cords through the slot, we recommend a larger buckle.

In general, children and smaller adults like 3/8 inch buckles. Many men prefer wider bracelets and larger buckles.

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Other than looking really cool, paracord survival bracelets have many every day uses!

When it comes to survival bracelets there are about as many different ways to make them as there are cars on the road, the most common being the cobra weave.

Paracord has a varity of uses, everything from shoelaces to utility rope and the inner strands have been known to be used for everything from floss to fishing line in emergency situations.

Here is a quick history of paracord

Paracord was first used during World War II as the main suspension lines for paratroopers. When it was first given to the troops they quickly found many uses for it in surviving the trials of battle. Since then it has been produced for the civilian market.

Paracord has been used for just about everything from making decorative paracord bracelets to active military service, it has even been used in space when the Hubble Space Telescope was repaired.

Paracord comes in many different shapes and sizes, the military standard has a nylon sheath that covers the 7 individual nylon strands that make up the “guts” or inside of the cord.

When paracord is braided it has many uses in everyday life. It can be used for the ever popular bracelets but also has been used for:

    Wraps for handles
    Key chains
    Bottle carriers
    Dog Leashes
    And so much more!

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