Reviews From Real Customers

These are real, unsolicited reviews and comments about our paracord and our customer service. We hope people will leave reviews and comments about our products using the rating form on each product page. If someone wants to submit general comments they can email us and we will post the comments here.

Randall - I just wanted to thank you for the extremely prompt service and high-quality cords I bought from you. I use them to sew baskets and the colors are bright and there's a huge selection. Also, I believe I ordered them on a Saturday and got them on MONDAY. What a deal! Very happy I found you on the internet. Thanks again.

Michael - I just received my first order from Paracord Galaxy and I couldn’t be any happier with your site, your service, and your prices! You guys are amazing and I will never buy Paracord from anyone else again!!

5 out of 5 stars!!

Richard - I would like to personally thank you for the great customer service on my order. I'll be receiving my order today in the mail. Fast shipping, great prices, wide selection of products. I'll be recommending your company to friends. Can't wait to get my package.

Stan - I just wanted to say thank you so much for the exceptional top notch service i received today from your customer service and shipping departments. I'm very happy i chose your company to deal with!!!

Fred - Just wanted to let you know received your order it was very prompt every thing was fantastic great doing business,will have more orders in the future you are number 1

Aaron - You guys are AWESOME ty for the fast shipping and the Buckles!! Keep up the great service, I recommend anyone looking for such items to you guys first and foremost! Thanks Again!!

Courtney - I have been forced to buy form other places, from time to time, due to time restraints on bracelets and stuff ordered by my costomers but I am always disappointed with the quality. Thank you for consistently producing a quality product. I look forward to our continued business together.

Leigh - I am so PLEASED with the variety i received in my "spools end bag"!! I had asked if at all possible to gets me some browns-greens-blues because I was making survival bracelets for our armed forces. Whoever processed this order did just that, so please thank them for me! I am ecstatic! If ever i am in need of more paracord (or other type cords), I WILL be shopping with you. I believe in customer service and satisfaction, you have achieved both! WAY TO GO!

Dan - I just wanted to say that you folks are awesome! I am a Boy Scout Leader and as you know, Scouts love knot tying. This order will be used to make paracord bracelets to be given away at a couple Fall festivals at our home church and at another area church. These will arrive just in time in spite of the fact that I forgot to order till the last minute. Love your product, service, and value for the dollars spent. Nobody local here in Chattanooga can touch your prices. I will continue to talk you up with fellow Scouters in hopes of sending more business your way.

Jo-Ann - In the past few weeks I have made 2 orders from your company and I just wanted to write to say how thankful I am for such wonderful customer service! Both orders arrived quickly and correctly and I am so so grateful for the buckles that were sent with both orders. I don't know if just by my color choices it was obvious that I am making paracord bracelets, haha, but I really appreciate that. It was such a wonderful surprise. Due to the fantastic customer service (and I don't mean just the free stuff, haha) I will definitely be a loyal customer. Thanks again and I hope to do business with you again soon.

Jackie - I ordered from you on Wednesday and got my order on Friday. You are an awesome company with fantastic products and service. I'm so glad i found you.

Pam - I just want to say Thank you for a such a speedy delivery. This is such a comfort to know I will have my order fast from you.

Donovan - Just wanted to say "Thank you"! Every order that I've requested from has arrived quickly and accurately! I will continue to choose your business for all of my paracord projects! Have a great day and Thank you, again! :-)

Trista - Thank you for always providing such amazing customer service! I am amazed at how quickly you ship, and how fast I receive orders. Your company is definitely the best I've worked with, and your cord is amazing. Just the color options alone are fantastic! They are always a hit with anyone who wants me to make custom handles for their Jeeps that they haven't seen anywhere else. I couldn't do it without the hundreds of options you provide. I love that you offer 'samples' of your cord, as well. It makes it much easier for people to choose what they want when they've seen them in person, instead of just seeing them on a website. My only problem is I want them ALL! :) My Jeep was recently in a show, and I think I answered about a hundred questions about the 'amazing' paracord items I have in mine. When I told them I could make anything they needed in just about every conceivable color combo, they were thrilled! Thank you for helping me make people happy! I love the fact that my uncle, who makes/sells cord stuff when they winter in AZ, brought me a bunch of your stuff, that got me hooked!

I know people typically only write to complain, so I just wanted you to get a HAPPY email today telling you that y'all ROCK! I can't wait for this batch of cord and samples to arrive so that I can get orders finalized with customers, and get my next batch of cord ordered with you!

Thank you for your amazing service. Y'all are the BEST!

Have a wonderful day!

Dave - My wife has been using the paracord to make rosaries and crosses for friends and family. She uses about 10 or 12 different knots and they are coming out great. She can't make them fast enough! Your stuff is great and we will soon be ordering some more stuff. She just started a new job and we need to wait until she gets in the pay loop before we can order again but it should be soon. Thanks we really enjoy your stuff!

Kristine - Thank you for your great customer service and your speedy delivery!!!

Wade - I just wanted to acknowledge the truly OUTSTANDING service that I have received from ParacordGalaxy.
I placed my order on 6/9/17 (late in the afternoon I might add) and it arrived on my doorstep TODAY, 6/12/17. Please thank "JH" who packed my order as well. It was packed perfectly and I couldn't be happier.
I can't imagine you folks receiving any complaints but if that occasionally occurs, I just wanted to offset those emails with this one of a happy and very satisfied customer.
Thank you!

Tina - I just have to say thank you and that you are the best company I have ever done business with. You are right on top of everything. I placed an order on saturday had my order on Monday. Wow that is amazing . That helps my business run smoother as well . Again thank you so much for being such an amazing company I will always place my orders with you .

Scott  - Just wanted to drop you a quick thank you concerning my order (29486 - GTVLNGIXI)! Since I ordered late on Friday, I didn't expect it to ship until at least today (4/3/17). Much to my surprise and pleasure, it showed up in my mail box today! Thank you for the quick service! I'll be back

David - You guys are GREAT. I ordered SHOCK CORD on Tuesday (21 March) and I had the product at my house today! Incredible!. I installed the shock cord on my wife's kayak this evening and it looks super. Thank you for your efficient and prompt service.

Shannon - I am just writing to tell you that you are the only place I buy my paracord. I love your service. When I receive it there is nothing wrong with it. It is fast.

Brian - I just want to send a shout out to Paracord Galaxy Customer Service a big THANK YOU, for adjusting last order amount. I forgot to input my coupon code and hit send. I immediately contacted Customer Service, through email, and got a quick response and my order was credited. Great service and products, customer for life. Thank you again.

Alex - I just received my first order from you guys and I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy that the quality of the paracord was what I was hoping for and expecting! My order arrived in a timely manner and the pricing was very reasonable. I appreciate you throwing in some extra buckles as well! I will DEFINITELY be ordering from you guys again for all my paracord needs. Thanks again

Stephanie - I just wanted to take a second and say thank you! We have ordered from you guys quite a few times and we've always had the BEST customer service and your shipping has been AWESOME! Thank you so much for offering your products at great prices and for being so great! Thank you!!

Bob - I just want to take a moment to say I received my order yesterday. It was beyond my expectations. Top quality and very fast shipping. Thank you. I will be ordering once again.

Jessica - Just wanted to say Thank You! Very happy with my entire order and how quickly everything was packaged and shipped. Great customer communication on the order being placed and shipped. I appreciate the excellent quality of the products and am looking forward to doing more business with you.

Chris - Unbelievable support! I am friends with another artist who recommended you guys - if you don't know his work, he is the best of the best. He was 100% right, you guys are THE BEST. Thank you so much! #customerforlife

Raul - I just wanted to thank you for doing that with the hunter green! That was very nice and we have always had such a great experience with you all. Thank you for always being on top of it and for showing your appreciation to your customers.. It's rare and we definitely notice and appreciate it! Have a great holiday season! Raul and Nicole

Sanjay - Paracord Galaxy has become my go to place for my paracord needs. They have such a great selection of so many types of cords in a large number of colors. I like to buy cord made in the USA, so it is nice they tell you which cord is made in the USA. What impresses me the most is the quickness of the shipping. They consistently ship my orders out in a timeframe that exceeds my expectations. I used to purchase cord from various sellers, but Paracord Galaxy has really earned my business and I will looking to them as my vendor of choice.

Jim - After much searching over a period of several years, I have found that you do indeed have the lowest prices available, not just on paracord, but on just about everything else I have purchased from you. Two of my biggest selling items are guitar straps and adjustable dog collars, both of which require the type of buckle that would go on a belt. Those buckles are extremely hard to find at all, let alone for a decent price. I had purchased buckles from numerous other sources, biting the bullet every time I paid five or six dollars for a small buckle. Knowing this, you can imagine the surprise and relief I felt when I found out you carry everything I need for both items. I am both proud and grateful to say that Paracord Galaxy is the one and only supplier of PARAmazing paracord products.
Thank you, Jim @ PARAmazing

Ramon - I just wanted to thank you guys for having such great product! I just got it at work and it made my day!! I will always come to your first for my paracord needs. Thank you very much for turning a bad day into a great one!

Sharon - First I would like to say that I totally love your store and the quality of supplies. It is nice to always know what you are getting and being confident that that will never change. Again I LOVE your store

Ruben - Order has been received. “Quick” I thank you for the quick service as advertised. Until the next order. Thanks again.

Edgar - Great selection, prices and service...thanks!

Tina - love, love, LOVE you guys!! Thank you so much. You guys are great! I get all of my paracord thru you guys! You have the best prices and selection. You have SO much paracord. If I was rich I would go nuts here!! It's a fun hobby. I love making gifts for friends and family and they love them. Please don't ever close!

Jack - This was my first order with you. I don't know what you people do or how you do it but don't change a thing!! I placed my order on Saturday 9/3/2016, at 1:00 am (Labor Day weekend). I didn't ask for any special treatment or consideration, I just assumed it would take most of the following week for my order to get to me in Maine, all the way from Utah. Wasn't I surprised when my Mailman knocked on my door on Tuesday morning 9/6/2016 and handed me my order! Every item in the order was perfect. Again - It was Labor Day Weekend! As I need to reorder and add more colors to my inventory, you will, most definitely, be getting those orders. It is my pleasure to send you a heartfelt Thank You for a great job!!

Staci - I started making and selling paracord items a few months ago and I have order a few times from you now. I am so happy with both prices and how fast everything gets here I will NOT order from anywhere else.

Robert - You guys rock! Best prices bar none!
Amazing service and killer prices! Whenever someone asks where I get my 550 cord,Paracordgalaxy is always the answer!

Sherrie D - I just wanted to let you know that your company is hands down the BEST supplier of paracord products on the web! You customer service and attention to detail are phenomenal. I live in Florida and placed my order on Saturday and it arrived today. WOW!!!! I placed one order with one of your competitors that is in the state right across the border because of a great sale they were running. It took forever to receive my product ... I could have walked to their store faster than it was shipped. This is my 3rd order with you and you have definitely earned my business for life!

Danni P - I don't normally take the time to give feedback but my experience with your site was exceptional. I stumbled upon your site after buying my paracord elsewhere and was pleasantly surprised to see your prices beat theirs by almost $2 per roll (125ft microcord). I was interested in a green microcord which the site I was buying from didn't carry. Your site carried the green and many others including glow in the dark for $5 cheaper per 125ft roll! The shipping price turned out to be about the same and arrived in the same amount of time. My order was 100% correct and the cord was exactly the same as your competitors' down to upc. You even offered a customer loyalty coupon which saved me even more money. Awesome site, I would highly recommend to others. Your selection and prices blow everyone else out of the water.

David S - I meant to do this awhile ago, but just wanted to say you guys are the best. I've placed orders in the past with no problems. The last order was slightly wrong( ordered 5 whistles, only got 1) but you responded instantly and the order was completed. I totally recommend paracord galaxy!

Craig - I wonder why the only reviews I see are all positive and none expressing the fact that your stock needs replaced more often, oh yeah because you only post the reviews you sort out. Come on now, being honest and non partial goes along way with a good business. You need to keep stocked better to avoid customer frustration and abandonment! Just sayin

Brian - Just wanted to say that you guys are great. Have been ordering from you for a while now. Always fast reliable service and great prices. My daughter (13) has been making bracelets for a couple years now just to make some money of her own. We also recently had purchased a spool of camo 550 paracord that we used for my son's class who was sending things over seas to our military. So me and my daughter got together and pumped out 50 bracelets for them to send to our military. So just wanted to say that you guys rock.. Thanks..

Mark - First of all, I would like to say how thankful I am to have found your company on the web. I've been making paracord bracelets and products for about a year now, and have ordered items from other companies in the beginning, but once I found your site, I have ordered strictly from you all. Not only do you have the best products at the best prices, but your customer service is unmatched! Kudos to you all for getting it right from top to bottom! Thanks for your time and assistance. Take care and thanks again for all you all do in making this paracorder happy!

Bob - You go above and beyond. I have been at this for a couple of years and you are lucky to hear back at all at most places. I can count on half a hand, people like you, and they are to be treasured when you find them. You have earned my business and many referrals.

Jodi - We've ordered a few items for our company from you now, and I just wanted to thank you for the great quality and selection of items, prices and speedy shipping. The values listed in your About Us are very evident, and we truly appreciate that.
Thanks again for what you do.

Jon - I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that my package was delivered today. I really appreciate the prompt responses that I had received from you. Your company is the very first company that I have ever dealt with that has had such incredible customer service. If I knew who I needed to talk to about how well your company is all about their customers and going above and beyond what very few places do this day in age I would. You have gained a customer for life.