Tips On Using This Website

Wishlist and Back In Stock Notification

You can now add products to a wishlist. That will make it easy to find and order those items at a future date. You must be logged on to use the wishlist.

Look for the "Add to Wishlist" button under the title on any product page. Click it to add a product to your list. Click it again to remove the product from your list.

Notice the floating "heart box" on the left of the page. Click it to see your wishlist.

Back in stock notifications will be sent to people who have wishlisted a product when we get new inventory. You will also be notified if a product on your wishlist goes on sale, or if inventory drops to where it may sell out soon.

Website Improvements

We have combined the best features of and to create this exciting new site. Here are tips to make shopping easy.

1) Accounts on could not be imported so customers will need to create new accounts on this site. We still have order histories and other records from the old site. If you need to know what cords you ordered in the past, just email us and we will send that info in a pdf.

2) New easy ways to register and log on have been built into this site. You can enter an email address and choose a password, as you have done in the past. Alternately, you can click on the Facebook, Google, Amazon or Twitter icons and log on using credentials from those social media.

3) Coupon codes and gift certificates from the old site should work here. If anything gives you trouble, just contact us.

4) New bulk discounts have been built into this site. Click to our product details pages and you will often see that you can save buy buying several at once.

US Paracord Manufacturers

This site offers the same top quality US-made paracord that you are use to buying from us. Lean about our US paracord manufacturers and the top quality cord we sell.

Payment Methods

You can use standard credit and debit cards to make payment on our website: VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, along with other convenient payment methods. We use the latest secure server technology to ensure transactions are safe. We do not store credit card numbers. We use Shopify Shop Pay to process transactions made on the website. Shop Pay will remember your payment method is you desire, to make checkout fast in easy.

You may also make payment on the PayPal website, using your account there.

We use best practices security measures to protect our website and allow secure transactions.

Shipping Policies

Read our policies on shipping and returns

Paracord Sizes / Buckle Sizes

See our charts showing paracord sizes and buckle sizes

Paracord Lengths

We sell more 100 ft hanks than any other size and so we stock them more heavily. When you look at a particular cord, the system defaults to the 100 ft length. From a category index, if you simply add a cord to your shopping cart you will get the 100 ft length.

Shorter and longer lengths are available for many cords. Use the dropdown or click to a product description page to see if other lengths are available. If you choose a different length, the system will adjust the price. If you increase the quantity for a cord, you will be ordering multiple cords of the chosen length.


We offer 4-inch samples of many cords. If a sample is available, it will show as an option on the product details page. (If we have the cord on a large spool and cut it to fill orders, a sample is available. If we buy it in pre-cut lengths we can't snip off any for samples.)

We charge 50 cents per sample and they ship for free. If you want to identify a particular color or cord type, and you have the time, order samples to be sure you like the cord before you order in bulk.

Cord Softness/Stiffness

Learn about our US Paracord manufacturers.

We buy cord from several different manufacturers and each has unique qualities. Most of our paracord has a nylon sheath and nylon inner cords and feels soft and flexible.

One of our manufacturers uses a poly sheath and nylon inner cores. The poly sheath feels stiffer and rougher. It has the same breaking strength (550 pounds) but it melts a little differently. The ends can be melted and joined, and it can be joined with nylon/nylon cord, but you need to get use to using it. The first three digits in our model numbers identify the manufacturer.

167- designates the manufacturer making the poly/nylon cords. If you like that style, chose cords with model numbers beginning with 167. If you dislike the feel, avoid those cords.


We offer hundreds of different colors. We try to make our photos show true colors. They are pretty good but not perfect. There may be slight differences in color from one dye lot to the next, so the same cord may be slightly different in color from order to order.

We buy similar colors from multiple manufacturers, and some use the same name. So, we may have 4 different cords named Navy Blue. Those cords may be somewhat different in color, even if they have the same name. If you find a cord you like, note the model number so you can re-order and get the same cord. (The model number will be unique, even if the name of the cord is not.)

Color preferences are subjective. We get countless requests to match colors and that can be very difficult. We do our best but do not guarantee results. “Teal” may mean different hues to different people.