US Paracord Manufacturers

550 paracord from US buys most of its 550 paracord from three US manufacturers. All three produce top-quality cord, albeit with slightly different characteristics.

We buy mostly commercial grade 550 paracord, but we also buy and sell some mil-spec cord. Both types have an outer sheath and seven inner strands, creating a tensile strength of at least 550 lbs. Mil-spec paracord is certified to meet US military specifications. Commercial cord is manufactured to the same specs but is not certified.

On our website, cords with model numbers beginning with 163- are manufactured by EL Wood Braiding Company, located in Marathon, NY. They produce high quality cord using a nylon sheath and nylon inner cores. The cord has a soft, flexible feel.

Cords with model numbers beginning with 167- are manufactured by Atwood Rope, located in Winchester, OH. Atwood uses a polyester sheath and nylon inner cores. Its cord has a rougher, stiffer feel. It is excellent quality and has the same 550 lb breaking strength.

Cords with model numbers beginning with 168- are manufactured by Franklin Braid, located in Emporia VA. It also uses a nylon sheath and nylon inner cores, to create cord with a softer and more flexible feel.

Our 164- cords are imported. They are usually less expensive and may be nylon/nylon or poly/nylon.

We occasionally buy paracord from other manufactures, if we find a great deal we can pass along to our customers.

People often use a flame to melt ends so cords do not fray. Often, melted ends are pushed together while hot, to join the cords. The nylon/nylon cords melt a little differently than the poly/nylon. Both types can be joined in this way – it just takes a bit of practice to get use to the characteristics of the different cords.