Bungee Cord, Bungie Cord, Shock Cord or Elastic Cord? Yes to all of them - it’s like that crazy (but helpful) uncle that answers to any name you call him.

Here’s the scoop:

Bungee cord is the common name for a type of cord with an internal core composed of one or more elastic strands and covered by a woven sheath. Other common names include “shock cord”, “stretch cord” and “elastic cord”. Bungee is sometimes spelled “bungie”.

Material used for the elastic inner core may be natural rubber, synthetic rubber, a blend of both or even other material. The inner core material will vary by manufacturer based on the intended use of the cord.

Quality bungee cord is manufactured to achieve a specific amount of elongation or “stretchiness”. The amount of elongation is expressed as a percentage of the unstretched length. Bungee cord with a 100% elongation rating can be stretched to double its original length. For example a 12 inch length can be stretched to 24 inches. By comparison, a 12 inch length of bungee cord with a 50% elongation rating can only be stretched to 18 inches.

The woven outer sheath may be made of cotton, nylon, polypropylene or other materials. The outer sheath protects the elastic core and facilitates uniform stretch along the entire length of the bungee cord.

bungee cord blue color

Things to consider when you’re ready to buy bungee cord:

  1. If you want the bungee cord to stretch a lot then buy bungee cord with a higher elongation rating.

  2. Generally speaking, larger diameter (thicker) bungee cord is stronger - but also harder to stretch. Don’t buy bungee cord so big and thick that you can’t stretch it or work with it.

  3. The outer sheath material matters. Think about how and where you plan to use the bungee cord and buy bungee cord that matches those conditions. Do you need resistance to UV light, abrasion, water, mold, mildew and so forth.

  4. Bungee cord is made in a variety of colors and patterns. Don’t limit yourself to drab, industrial colors. We offer approximately 40 colors and patterns of bungee cord.

Everyday uses for bungee cord include the following:

  • securing objects or a load without having to tie knots

  • “no tie” shoelaces

  • external tie down cords on bags and packs

  • elastic drawstrings and cinch cords

  • camping and outdoor activities where a secure but shock absorbing anchor point is needed

  • replacement cord for backs and seating areas on bungee cord chairs

  • bounce-back netting for ball sports

  • crafting (especially small diameter bungee cord for bracelets as well as hair elastics and scrunchies)


Where to buy bungee cord:

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