Parapocalypse paracord, the 11 in 1 ultimate survival cord. USA Made.

Parapocalypse paracord is 550 cord on steroids. This cord is a highend survival tool.  It has all the advantages of 550 Paracord with way more capabilities. It is the Parapocalypse Paracord- Ultimate Survival Cord Made in USAsame size as regular 550 paracord with a higher 650 lb. tensile strength.

This new paracord has a woven polyester 32 strand outer sheath. Polyester resists abrasion, water, mold, mildew, chemicals, UV light, shrinking, stretching and fading. It is virtually color fast when died, dries quickly when wet and is very durable. Polyester accounts for about 58% of worldwide production of synthetic fibers.

Inside the Polyester sheath is a lovely assortment of treasures.

     First: 7 Nylon 2 strand cabled inner strands. These are the bulk of the inner core. Unwinding the cabled nylon strands gives you a small single strand of nylon. They can be used as improvised sewing thread or sutures, fishing line and lures, a very hard to see trip or perimeter wire, (attach one end to something solid and the other to something that will make noise, like a can or bell, and you have an intruder alert), dental floss, whipping on the end of a rope, guide to pull the 550 cord thru a tight spot, hunting snare, tie small branches in a circular pattern and then weave a fishing net (I would keep them cabled for this), anywhere you would normally use a piece of string, tinder (pull apart, rub and fluff them for ignition with a spark or match), hair tie and a bow drill string are a few examples.

    Parapocalypse Paracord - Ultimate Survival Cord Made in USA Second: A waxed Jute strand. Jute is a dry fibrous material which is excellent for starting fires. It is made into twine and then waxed to keep it dry in wet conditions. This allows you to always have dry tinder on hand for fire starting.

     Third: A 10 lb. monofilament fishing line. The monofilament fishing line is more forgiving because of it's ability to stretch. It is very flexible, easy to work with and knot friendly. It is a thicker line which makes it more resistant to abrasion.

     Fourth: A strand of DYNA X. A supper strong strand with virtually no stretch. It is much stronger than the single strands of nylon and is great for use as snares, dental floss or sutures. DYNA X is from ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) which is being used in new generations of bullet proof vests.  This material is one of the world's strongest fibers. A 100 foot hank of parapocalypse weighs 10.25 ounces with a 5/32 inch diameter and 625 lb. tensil strength. The DYNA X hank is the same size, weighs less and has twice the tensile strength.

     Fifth: A Nano Aramid (Kevlar®) strand with a 110 lb. tensile strength. It is heat resistant to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. This amazing small nano strand of cord can be used as a friction saw, to hang pots over a fire or to tie up hot things like a dragging muffler on a car. How do you beat very strong and virtually fire proof.

This cord is 11 lines of multiple materials inside a Polyester Sheath. If you unwind the 7 nylon strands you now have 18 lines of material. Parapocalypse paracord is the ultimate cord for emergency and survival kits, work or play and outdoor activities.

Parapocalypse Paracord - Ultimate Survival Cord Made in USAYou can make a parapocalypse paracord watch band, parapocalypse paracord belt, parapocalypse paracord keychain or a parapocalypse paracord anything and the anything will be made with the ultimate in survival paracord. And there's more. You can add the Para-Claw knife to your parapocalypse paracord bracelet for the best survival or every day carry (EDC) bracelet there is.

If you want to know how to tie paracord or how to make a paracord bracelet and find paracord bracelet patterns, projects and instructions click on the highlighted links.

Diameter - 5/32" (4mm)
Tensile Strength - 625 lb. (283 kg)
Weight (oz/100ft) - 10.25 oz. (290g)
Not a Life Line
Made in the USA

Manufactured by Atwood Industries

M. Shane Sullivan, Owner/Manager of