Fish & Fire Paracord

Fish and Fire paracord is like regular 550 cord only better. Most paracord today is type III 550 paracord, which is the commercial version of Mil Spec 550 Parachute Cord, also known as Mil Spec Paracord 550 Fish & Fire Paracord CAMO Multi Cam Made in USAor Mil Spec 550 Paracord. The type III cord has a 32 strand woven nylon outer sheath. Housed in the sheath are 7 - 2 ply cabled inner nylon strands. These nylon strands are normally the only things filling the sheath. They can be removed from the sheath and used separately in the 2 ply cabled form or uncabled (unwound or untwisted) and used as a small single strand of nylon string.

These small strands of nylon can be used for many things. Emergency sutures, sewing and mending, hunting snares, trip wires and perimeter alarms (attach something to the string that will make noise like a bell or old pop cans), dental floss, a guide to pull a large cord through a tight hole, whipping for the end of a rope, weave a fishing net, hair tie, fishing line and lure making are a few examples. The outer sheath when empty can be used to protect whatever will pull through it. It can also be used for braiding that requires a cord to lay flat like a wallet or whip making.

The fish and fire cord also has a 8 lb monofilament fishing line inside the sheath. It can be pulled out of whatever length of cord you have cut. The monofilament fishing line holds knots well and is flexible. This type of fishing line has some stretch to it and is more forgiving than a static fishing line. It is also a little larger or thicker and resists abrasion along with making a better fishing line than the nylon inner core strands.

Another item included in the sheath of the fish and fire cord is a strand of natural jute. The jute is purposely not coated with addition fire accelerants. It is a safe every day carry item. Jute is a fibrous material and can be used as tinder help start a fire. If the natural jute gets wet it will dry quickly and be ready for use.

The every day carry (EDC), survivalist, and emergency preparedness communities like the idea of having a paracord bracelet around. It allows you to have eight to ten feet of cord with you all the times. Obviously, the addition of fishing line and a fire starter aid is good.

The survival bracelet by itself is great. However, many different things can be added to a fish and fire paracord bracelet. Items like a compass, para-claw knife, whistle buckle, watch, or an additional fire starting aid. Any of these add to the usefulness of the paracord survival bracelet.

Any paracord project that is made to take into the wilderness can be made with the fish and fire paracord. For fishing it would help to have the pieces of cord used at least five feet long. Five feet of fishing line would keep you very close to the shore or bank. For example, wrap a knife, hatchet or ax handle with fish and fire cord. You could make a paracord key chain or belt.  All these things would provide cord, fishing line and the jute fire starter aid if you need them.

Paracord braids, weaves and knots are easily tied with the fish and fire cord.

For more information on how to make a paracord bracelet, click on the highlighted links in this article.550 Fish & Fire Paracord Black with 3 Reflective and 3 Glow Tracers Made in USA

Variations of some of the names used are Fish N Fire, Fish & Fire, Paraclaw and Para Claw.

8 lb monofilament fishing line
Paracord (Para Cord)
550 lb. minimum tensile strength
Diameter of approximately 4.0mm (5/32”)
Fishing line and fire starter inside along with the 7 -  2 ply cabled inner nylon strands
Mold, mildew, rot and UV resistant
Color will not bleed
Nylon 32 strand woven outer sheath
Not a life line
Made in USA
Manufactured by E.L. Wood Braiding Company

M. Shane Sullivan, Owner/Manager of

Please note that the brown fibers form the Jute fire starter strand may show through the outer sheath.