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Clothes Hanger and Entertainment Center

My wife and I went on a road trip once and made a hanger for the back of the car. It was a dowel cut to fit between the grab handles of the back seat. I remember we had felt pads on the ends of the dowel to add cushion against side to side motion. I'm not completely sure how we secured it; we tied it to the grab handles somehow. I can't remember if we used a metal eyelet or drilled a hole thru the dowel to attach the rope. The reason I can't remember the details was because we only used it once. It was a little cumbersome and we were a little worried about the side to side swing although I can't remember it hitting the window. Once we got to our destination and removed our clothes we had to take it out of the car to have someone ride comfortably with us. It fit in the trunk, but we were not thrilled with it.

So, years later I made this. It's a clothes hanger or entertainment center that will wad up and fit in the palm of your hand. I braided teardrop snaps into the four-strand braid. Each teardrop snap has two of the four cords going thru them. They are braided in for several reasons. First, so they won't get lost. Second, they are for hooking to the larger trigger clasp at each end. Third, they serve as a stopper for clothes hangers. Hang the clothes over the braided cord. When you get to a tear drop put the hanger thru it to stop the rest of the clothes from all sliding together. Fourth, they are the width adjustments for different sized vehicles. Fifth, since they're not lost they will always be there as hooks for an entertainment center for babies or very young children.

One end starts with the trigger clasp and has eight inches before the first tear drop. Slip the clasp thru the grab handle and attach it to the first tear drop. The next tear drops are five inches apart. They are hooks for whatever you want. After that the tear drops are spaced two inches apart. This makes the hanger adjustable. Slip the trigger clasp on this end thru the grab handle and attach it to the tear drop for the length needed.

All kinds of devices can be used for additional hooks to the braided rope. To add more hooks, attach any smooth device onto two of the cords. In the top photo from left to right: designer shackle, double snap S-clip, carabiner, swivel snap bolt, U shackle, spring clip, S hook carabiner style, teardrop snaps, small snap hook clasp and bow shackle.

I used two strands of DYNA X paracord and two strands of 550 paracord (parachute cord). I used the DYNA X cord because it has no stretch and a 1,250 lbs. break strength. In this case the DYNA X cord is going to seem like it is stretching because I braided it. Once its pulled tight against the braid it will stop. The 550 cords for this project was to add color and allow me to use a four-strand braid. I put a strand of DYNA X cord and 550 paracord thru the hole in the teardrop snaps. With the four strands of cord they can't move back and forth.

Putting this in or taking it out of a vehicle is easy. Two snaps and its done while small enough to fit about anywhere.

M. Shane Sullivan, Owner/Manager of