paracord with imperfections

paracord with defects

Paracord Quality and defects

I have been amazed at how many You Tube vides I have watched using paracord. Amazed for a couple of reasons.

First, the creativity and skill involved in some of the projects. They are really great.

Second, the poor quality of the cord used in a lot of these videos. We would sell the cord as seconds. I've seen cord with snags and snares, but lumps and bumps are fairly common. Lumps and bumps look like a snake ate a mouse. I can't help but wonder where they are getting their cord.

A good quality cord should be smooth with good color consistency and without lumps, bumps, snags, snares or extra colors. No manufacture is perfect. They all have some cord that we deem defective. We have eliminated manufactures who just can't seem to get it right. Most of the cord we sell is made in the USA. Our USA cord has been fantastic quality. If we notice a cord with a problem we put them in the seconds or defective bin and sell them at a discounted price. If we get a cord that is very bad, we simply throw it away.

Defective cord or defective spool ends usually have little problems that can either be worked around or cut out. Cutting results in using the cord for smaller projects. The defective cord is usually a great value.

Why someone would go to all the time and effort to make an instructional video with defective paracord is interesting. Buying first quality USA made cord usually costs the same or about what poor quality cord is sold for.

M. Shane Sullivan, Owner and Manager of