Paracord Goes Outdoors Contest Winners

paracord goes outdoors contest stats

First place: 397 votes - Always got to have a paracord bullwhip

paracord bullwhip

Random draw winner: I lost a strap on a tuck sack I’ve been draggin

paracord truck sack strap

Staff pick winner:
62 votes - American flag glidder makeover

paracord American flag glider

Other top vote getters

324 votes - Bee trendy with Meghann's strap wrap and zipper pulls

paracord bee trendy

32 votes - Holsters and slings for hunting

paracord holster and gun sling

9 votes - Bow wrap to make it my own.

paracord bow wrap

8 votes - Dog leash made with 550 cord by disabled Marine

paracord dog leash

7 votes - Martingale collar and leash

paracord dog collar

7 votes - I use it for belts for everyday use. This way i always have plenty of paracord for that emergency.

paracord belt

7 votes - Paracord pouch for fire starting kit

paracord pouch