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Quick Release Corkscrew Bracelet

This corkscrew bracelet uses 10 ft of continuous 550 paracord that is easy to quickly unravel for use in an emergency. Simply undo the shackle and the last knot then pull the cord off the center pieces.

See our 550 paracord.
See our shackles

Paracord Hanging Chair

This project takes some time and patience, but when done, you've got a comfortable place to relax and read a book. We found a small round chair and disassembled it for our round frame. Then we tied square knots for the back and bottom of the chair. We tied a four strand round braid to create our cords to hang the chair. See our four strand dog leash tutorial for details on how to braid and finish these.

Wide Side Step Bracelet or Dog Collar

The wide side step is an original design by Joe Clegg. We used this design to make our martingale dog collar, but it makes a fun wide bracelet as well. Plan on using about 10-12 feet each of paracord in two colors for a bracelet.

See our 550 paracord.
See our buckle options.

Martingale Dog Collar

This martingale dog collar was made with the wide side step design, but can be made with any of your favorite weaves such as the cobra weave. This style of collar works like an adjustable collar, great for a dog who can slip out of its collar. You'll need about 15-20 feet of paracord, two D rings, and one O ring.

See our 550 paracord.
See our O and D rings

Fenrir Bracelet

This design by Makhambet Auyezov uses about 16 inches of 425 or 325 paracord for the core and about 5.5 feet of 275 or Type 1 paracord for the knotting. We finished this bracelet with a magnet clasp and added one of our titanium beads in the center.

See our paracord sizes
See our magnet clasps

Dog Tennis Ball Toy

Pull out an old tennis ball and 20 ft of paracord for this dog toy. We used two pieces of paracord at 10 ft and used the four strand round braid completed with a crown knot for this toy. You'll need a sharp knife to carefully cut two holes in the tennis ball to insert your braid through the ball.

See our 550 paracord.

Twisted Micro cord Bracelet

Here's a twist on an old classic. Similar to the cobra weave, you tie a "granny" knot to make this weave twist. Add some beads or charms as desired.

See our micro cord

Beaded Key Fob

This project can be altered in many ways to suit your style and finished product. You can also switch out the clasp for a bracelet clasp and turn it into a beaded bracelet. The top key fob is made with type 1 paracord and without any barrel knots between the beads and the bottom is made with 275 paracord a barrel knot with two wraps.

See our clasps
See our other paracord sizes
See our beads and charms

Three Ring Multi Strand Bracelet

We used three split rings and the color to color 275 paracord for this fun colorful bracelet. By taking the inner strands out of the cord we felt it laid a little better inside the rings.

See our 275 paracord
See our split rings
See our magnet clasps

Grasshopper Bracelet

This bracelet used about 5 ft in two colors, but plan on having a little extra to work with. We finished it off with a 1/2 inch buckle. This made a bracelet about 3/4 inch wide. We also made another version with four strand core for a wider 1 inch bracelet.

See our 550 paracord.
See our buckle options.

Side Winder Bracelet

We made this bracelet with about 10 ft of coyote and 5 ft of cream 550 paracord. This bracelet uses a four strand double cow's hitch for the core, so see our tutorial for those instructions first.

See our 550 paracord.
See our buckle options.

Infinity Charm Micro Bracelet

Make a cute, stackable micro cord bracelet with a silver infinity charm. This bracelet can also be modified to twist by skipping steps 5 and 6 in the tutorial. This bracelet is also adjustable making it great for friendship bracelets for kids.

See our micro cord
See our infinity charms

Clover Knot

Infinity Charm Multi Strand Bracelet

We made this bracelet with 275 paracord, an infinity charm and finished with a magnet clasp. This is great for Mother's Day, anniversary, birthday, etc.

See our 275 paracord
See our infinity charms
See our magnet clasps

Ice Shelf Bracelet

This blue and white bracelet features a slanted pattern in the center of the bracelet. We added white stitching to both sides.

See our 550 paracord.
See our buckle options.

S.T.O.D. #2

Use your favorite color combination for this wide bracelet. We used 10 ft of faded blue and 8 feet of yellow 550 paracord to make this 8 1/2 inch bracelet.

See our 550 paracord.
See our buckle options.

Swampy Path

We used swamp snake, coyote, and black paracord to create this wide bracelet. This can take some time and patience to tighten your cords.

See our 550 paracord.
See our buckle options.

Fox Hole Bracelet

This Fox Hole bracelet is a thick bracelet and uses about 23 feet of 550 paracord in total. You can use a 5/8 or 3/4 inch buckle to finish.

See our 550 paracord.
See our buckle options.

Rocky Path Bracelet

The Snow Cap 550 paracord in the center makes the V shape design in our Rocky Path bracelet. This is a wide 1 3/8" bracelet that uses about 20 ft total in cord.

Gator Way

Gator Way makes a 1 1/2 inch wide bracelet. Start with the two strand double cow's hitch tutorial. We used about 25 ft total of 550 paracord to make this 9 inch bracelet.

Twisted Fire

Twisted Fire uses a short piece of 275 paracord twisted in the middle of a four strand core. The lava flow cord is used to create an X pattern along the length of the bracelet.

Captain Bracelet

This bracelet can be a little tricky to tighten at first but once you get the hang of it you get a nice design. You'll need a lacing needle to add the coyote color cord at the end.

Cautionary Trail

Here's another new design for a wide bracelet. It uses eight feet of yellow cord and six feet of each of the other three colors and makes a 9 inch long, 1 1/4 inch wide bracelet.

Split Alternating X's

The way we tied this bracelet makes the X alternate. It can be modified to have them all go the same way. This makes a thick bracelet, so keep that in mind when deciding the finished length needed.

Dark Days Bracelet

For this bracelet, start with a four strand double cow's hitch with a twist! You'll want a lacing needle to weave the strands in and out of your twisted cords.

Baseball or Stitched Solomon Bracelet

Make a paracord bracelet for your baseball fans. This is a stitched solomon bracelet made with white and red to resemble the stitches on a baseball. This can also be done in yellow and red for softball fans.

Gear Wheel Bracelet

Add one of our new viking rune beads to this round bracelet or leave it plain. Either way looks great. If using a bead, we recommend using 425 or 325 paracord. This weave creates a nice stripe down the middle which is also great for making thin blue line bracelets.

Titanium Force

Get out your lacing needle for this wide bracelet. We used about 22 feet total for this 8 1/2 inch bracelet.

Caribbean Wave

Here's another wide bracelet. This one uses about 12 feet of blue and 7 feet of blue blend 550 paracord for this 9 3/4 inch bracelet.

Siren Bracelet

This siren bracelet is made with urban camo paracord and neon orange 275 paracord to highlight the edges.

Pleasant Dreams

This wide bracelet features an interesting pattern down the center with pink cord woven into the outside edges.

Blood and Fire

This bracelet used just over 30 feet of paracord! Not only is this bracelet about 1 1/2 inches wide, it is also about 1/2 inch thick. Plan on making this bracelet longer than you would for more standard weaves.

Titanium Spring

We used almost 20 feet of paracord for this bracelet. You'll also need a lacing needle to wrap the titanium colored cord around the outside edges.

Cold Pockets

The spaces between the grey cords show small "pockets" of blue in this design. You'll make a modified two strand double cow's hitch to create a closed four strand double cow's hitch for the core of this bracelet.


This pattern leaves the middle two strands to show through the V shape down the middle of the bracelet. You'll need a lacing needle to weave the second strand of blue through the outside edges.

Devil's Gate

Devil's Gate features an alternating X pattern down the center of the bracelet.

Olive Camo

This bracelet uses Lark's Head knots on the sides with the olive and camo cords crossing back and forth down the length of the bracelet.

Gold and Black

Use 10 ft each in two contrasting colors for this bracelet weave. You'll also want to grab your lacing needle for the final steps.

Hot Tamale

Hot Tamale features a nice V pattern in red with a diamond cord mixed in between and yellow along the edges.

Green Zone Camo v. 1

Use green zone camo or just your favorite color of paracord to make this bracelet featuring an X pattern down the center.

Green Zone Camo v. 2

This wide bracelet pattern has a V shape along with a stitched look down each side. This bracelet is about 1 3/8 inches wide.


We used a two strand double cow's hitch for the core of this bracelet, but you can also have four or six strands in the core for a wider bracelet.

Wind Temple Bar

This unique design by JD Lenzen uses two colors and a diamond knot closure.

Football Stitch Bracelet

Make a cobra or solomon bar bracelet in chocolate or rust color and add a gutted white 550 paracord as the stitches for this football bracelet.

Repeating Falls

This is our own variation on the endless falls style of paracord bracelet.

Zig-Zag Ringbolt Hitching Wrap

This wrap creates a nice zig-zag pattern down the length of the object you are wrapping. Finish each end with a decorative knot such as a turk's head knot to secure and hide the ends.

Chained Endless Falls

We used Type 1 paracord for this bracelet, but any size paracord can be used. We chose a small snap hook clasp and small D ring for the closure which can also be changed to a regular buckle if desired.

Jungle Princess

Here is another bracelet that uses some cow's hitch or lark's head knots.

Dark Knight's Queen

This bracelet uses the lark's head knots on each side of the bracelet with a diamond cord wrapping between each knot and a navy cord filling the spaces in the center.

Sand Drift

Here is a wide bracelet with a unique design. It will take a little time and patience, but you'll be happy with the results.

Spike Bracelet

These decorative spikes create a punk look to your bracelet. We made this adjustable bracelet with micro cord weaving around each spike to secure it.


This is an advanced weave requiring you to twist your "core" strands. It may take some patience and some counting, but the end result is this unique, large V pattern.

Fishtail Chevron

Here is a slight variation on the regular fishtail design bracelet. You can make this with 2 or more colors. This also ends up being slightly wider than a fishtail bracelet at 3/4 inch wide.


Don't let the name of this bracelet discourage you from trying it out. It doesn't take long to master this pattern. This bracelet has an X pattern which we alternated the colors, but you can also keep the same color on top if you prefer.

Steady Path

Here is a unique project that creates a step like pattern down the center of the bracelet.


Zig Zag 3

This is a fun weave with an entertaining design. Follow along as we Zig Zag our way through a unique bracelet.

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