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3/16" Napa Valley Bungee Cord (Shock Cord) Marine Grade Made in USA


Marine Grade 3/16" bungee cord (shock cord) is also known as elastic, stretch or bungee rope. Made in USA.

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Shock Cord 3/16"

Marine Grade (Nylon/Rubber). Made in USA.

Shock Cord is known by a variety of names including bungee, bungie, rubber, elastic and stretch cord. Whatever you want to call it we offer bulk shock cord by the foot and in 100 foot lengths. Shock cord has nearly endless number of uses that include crafting, camping, boating, hunting, biking, traveling, gear repair, emergency preparedness and more. Shock cord is the "go to" cord for securing a load during transport. With its endless uses shock cord is a must to have on hand!

3/16" Shock Cord
Diameter of approximately 3/16"
Inner Core is high quality rubber capable of 100% elongation
Mold, mildew, rot and UV resistant
Color will not bleed
Nylon woven outer sheath
Not a life line
Made in USA
Manufactured by E.L.Wood Braiding Company