paracord fishing lure with perchI've been playing around learning to make fishing lures out of paracord. I've made some jigs that are beautiful, at least to my eyes. I've learned to make them durable and some have proven to be very effective at catching fish.

There are many tutorials showing how to make basic lures using paracord. I've tried them and found many have problems. Most use paracord to create flies or jigs. Many patterns use coreless paracord (650) or regular paracord with the inner fibers removed. The upper part of the sheath is attached to the hook in some way and the lower portion is picked out to create a “skirt” that shimmers as it moves through the water.

Another style uses full 550 paracord. On the lower end of the lure, the sheath is removed and then inner fibers are picked out to create the skirt. Using this method the upper part of the lure has the sheath color, and the lower portion has the color of the inner fibers. (Those fibers are normally white but can be dyed.)

One problem is that the sheath can pull away from the hook, even if you take care to melt it tight against the jig head. Also, the inner fibers can pull out of the lure.

A method I’ve found effective is to use just the sheath to create the body of the lure, solid on top and picked out on the lower end. Then wrap the upper end with nano cord, binding it tightly to the fly hook or jig head. Use nano cord in a color that complements the sheath color. This creates a lure that is very durable and effective.

I’ve created lures that are as effective as store bought varieties.

- Dave Webb

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