DYNA X Paracord

Dyna-X 1250 LB Paracord White Made in USAUltra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE or UHMW) also known as high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE), is in the thermoplastic polyethylene family. It has extremely long molecular chains which transfers load more effectively resulting in extremely durable material.

If you want the highly technical reason why this  material is so amazing, and you speak chemist so you will understand the tech-speak, just google UHMWPE. Have fun, enjoy and stretch your mind. I'm going to simply tell you when UHMWPF is used to make fibers they are one of the toughest and highest impact fibers known to man.

UHMWPE is self-lubricating and has less friction then Teflon®. In some forms UHMWPE is more abrasion resistant than carbon steel. The abrasion resistance of this material made into rope is extremely high.

UHMWPE resist cuts, acids, alkalis, many organic solvents and corrosive chemicals except for oxidising acids. It is also nontoxic, tasteless and odorless.

UHMWPE absorbs very little water, so it dries quickly after getting wet. It virtually has no stretch and works great for keeping a taunt line.

UHMWPE fibers have been woven into a 550 cord or paracord style rope (more commonly known as type III 550 paracord). This cord is called DYNA X. (Type III 550 Paracord is the commercial version of Mil Spec 550 Parachute Cord, also known as Mil Spec Paracord or Mil Spec 550 Paracord).

DYNA X paracord is the same size and weight of regular 550 paracord. However, regular paracord has a tensile strength of 550 lbs and won't float. DYNA X's tensile strength is 1,250 lbs and will float. It has seven braided strands inside the woven outer sheath. Each of these braided inner strands has a tensile strength of 140 lbs. These braided inner strands can be unwound and used individually.

I think this cord has yet to be found by the survivalist, prepper and everyday carry community. This community is very big on the paracord bracelet or survival bracelets. These bracelets allow you to have up to ten feet of good strong cord with you all the time. A DYNA X paracord bracelet would be the ultimate in having a small piece of cord that is very strong. 

Paracord weaves and pararcord projects made with DYNA X cord are stronger and more durable. Whatever your project is it is less likely to be destroyed if it rubes up against something sharp, jagged or abbrasive. The characteristics of DYNA X cord are ideal for this.

If you want to know how to make a paracord bracelet or rope bracelet click on these links paracord bracelet instructions. DYNA X paracord is used just like 550 paracord.

With DYNA X paracord you get a super strong, smooth, lightweight, highly abrasion resistant cord/rope that floats.

M. Shane Sullivan, Owner/Manager of Paracordgalaxy.com

Variations of the names used above are DYNAX, DYNA-X.