Paracordd Shoe Laces

We sent out an email to our customers a while back highlighting a wardrobe malfunction at our warehouse. That was me. We really are not all that exciting - my shoe lace broke. I grabbed some 550 paracord and made two new laces. My laces were about 52 inches long. I used less than 9 feet of paracord total. Based on a cost of 6 dollars for a 100 ft hank of paracord my cost was less than 60 cents. Good as new and I even picked a camo color that matched.

I'm pretty sure the 550 cord is going to last just as good as the original laces. The one minor drawback I've found after wearing them for months is they don't seem to stay tied quit as well as the original laces. I like to wear my shoes a little loose. They are tied and laced so I can slip them off without loosening or untying. To put them on I use my finger like a shoehorn and slip them on. My shoe isn't really providing any tension on the knot. I also tie the laces in a double bow (I did the same thing with the original laces).

Okay, I spend most of my time in a warehouse. If I go hiking or play a sport I tighten my laces for that.

I decided to try some the of the other paracord products. I got one length each of the 425 cord and the 650 coreless cord. The 650 coreless is 550 cord without the core. It's the sheath only. I asked our manufacture why it's called "650" coreless. The nickname 550 cord comes from the burst or tensile strength of paracord or parachute cord being 550 lbs. 650 Coreless has a 300 lb. burst strength. After a somewhat circular conversation about the "650" part of the name I never got an answer. I've just lumped it in with other mysteries like how did they build the pyramids and who really shot JFK? Anyway, back to the laces. The 425 cord is the next size smaller compared to 550 cord in the paracord family. I laced my shoes with one each of these two cords. I wanted to see if they would hold my double bow better. 

Conclusion. For the purpose of holding my double bow knot only, and the sloppy way I tie my shoes, the winner seems to be the 650 coreless cord. The runner up is the 425 cord and last was the 550 Paracord.

I'll give a shout out to Columbia shoes. I buy the same one over and over. I have several pairs of these shoes. They last forever, fit my feet good and I like them. I took the original laces out of one of my newer pairs of shoes for this experiment. The older shoes are the ones that caused the malfunction. They have the 550 paracord in them now. I'm going to leave the 550 cord laces in them. The tying problem is not that bad. I just wanted to see if the other cord would tie and hold better.