Boonie Hats and Paracord

Boonie hats have always been my favorite hat. I wrote a previous article about them. They are lightweight, breathable, washable and can be crumpled up and put away in small spaces.

Paracord can be added to the boonie hat for the obvious purpose of having some of that useful cord around and as way to personalize your hat. There are many types of wraps or braided patterns that can be used. Working them into or using the loops of the hat is easy. With so many colors of boonie hats along with the many paracord colors or patterns you will surely be able to come up with the right look for you. The loops of the hat will still be available for use to help camouflage you if necessary.

The green camouflage boonie with the gray wrap is very simple. I used about thirty feet of cord doubled up. I tied a knot in the center of the cord and left a small loop that I safety pined to the back of the hat. I took the two loose ends of the paracord and zigzagged thru the loops. When I got to the back I went around the sewn loop and went the other way creating the X pattern. Then I pulled the double strands under the X's around the hat three times. To finish I pushed the loose ends thru the loop that was safety pinned to the back of the hat. I used the loose ends to make a knot and tail, so it wouldn't pull loose.

The tan boonie has an eight-strand braid around it. I used tan and a desert camo pattern. I started the braid with four cow hitches on a screwdriver. I wanted to use the loops to help end the braid when I got around the hat. The black paracord is sewn thru the loops on the boonie hat. A fid needle will go thru the fabric loops with just a little effort. I replaced the screwdriver with a piece of paracord and tied it temporarily. I then started at the back and sewed the black paracord thru the eight-braid weave to the loops of the hat. When I got all the way around I adjusted the weave to the correct length. I sent the two outer strands of the braid thru the loop ends I started with. Each end went opposite directions and replaced the small piece of paracord I had tied thru the ends while I sewed on the braid. The other six ends were interwoven back into the braid and sealed.

This was a simple project and an example of how paracord can enhance a boonie hat.

M. Shane Sullivan, Owner and Manager of