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550 Paracord Lucky 7 Grab Bag (Seven 100 ft Rolls of 550 Paracord)

550 Paracord Lucky 7 Grab Bag (Seven 100 ft Rolls of 550 Paracord)

SKU: Lucky 7 - 550 Paracord

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550 Paracord Grab Bag Assortment (Seven 100 ft Rolls)

Each Lucky 7 Grab Bag includes seven (7) 100 ft. rolls of 7 strand 550 paracord. Lucky 7 Grab Bags contain an assortment of colors with no guarantee of any specific color.  Paracord sold in Lucky 7 grab bags is "Grade A", 1st rate, top quality 550 paracord - this is not defective 2nd rate paracord.

Why are we offering the Lucky 7 Grab Bags?  Because we love paracord, we love offering great products at fantastic prices and we want to make shopping at fun!

7 strand 550-pound test paracord!Outstanding for survival bracelets, backpacking, hiking, 72-hour kits, and emergency car kits.

This offer is for seven 100-foot rolls of 550 paracord.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Thomas Korte
Great true 550

Great paracord got 7 different colors and everything you would expect for a grab bag

Nice price. Fine colors

I bought the grab bag because of the price. The colors that came are fine. I got an off white color, a bright purple, a bright blue, a brown camo weave, bright and subdued green, and some black etc. I would recommend this if you want a great price on utility paracord!

Brad Ackerman
Not my first choice

I see nothing wrong with the Paracord you sent me, I will definitely be buying more that way. I use this Paracord to make bracelets for operation Christmas child so if I can save a buck, I definitely will


This was so fun! Got a great assortment and only a couple doubles! Best place to get paracord in my opinion!

Wrenlie Grosvenor
Good Deal, but...

I ordered my first mystery paracord and received some neutral colors or colors that could match others. Wasn't a bad deal at all. Last few times I had been gifted five of these mystery bundles and noticed a pattern. I got some more bright and fun, but a lot of repeat paracord. Two midnight blues, two yellows, two Kelly greens, two sets of patterned paracord, and a lot of brown. I believe they send you (mostly) their least sold. I also got one with a defect. If you're starting out or just need extras this is worth it. If you're hoping for white and black order those separately.