Lucky 7 grab bag
    • Lucky 7 grab bag

    550 Paracord Lucky 7 Grab Bag (Seven 100 ft Rolls of 550 Paracord)


    550 Paracord Lucky 7 Grab Bag Assortment (Seven 100 ft Rolls of 550 Paracord)

    Lucky 7 - 550 Paracord

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    Each Lucky 7 Grab Bag includes seven (7) 100 ft. rolls of 7 strand 550 paracord. Lucky 7 Grab Bags contain an assortment of colors with no guarantee of any specific color.  Paracord sold in Lucky 7 grab bags is "Grade A", 1st rate, top quality 550 paracord - this is not defective 2nd rate paracord.

    Why are we offering the Lucky 7 Grab Bags?  Because we love paracord, we love offering great products at fantastic prices and we want to make shopping at fun!

    7 strand 550 pound test paracord!
    Outstanding for survival bracelets, backpacking, hiking, 72 hour kits and emergency car kits.
    This offer is for seven 100 foot rolls of 550 paracord.
    Lucky 7 - 550 Paracord
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