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2.75 Inch 95 (Type 1), Micro and Nano Cord Lacing Needle Fid (1 Pack)

2.75 Inch 95 (Type 1), Micro and Nano Cord Lacing Needle Fid (1 Pack)

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2.75 Inch Lacing Needle (Fid) For 95 (Type 1), Micro and Nano Cord

(1 per pack)

Also known as a "fid".  This is a great tool for creating your paracord projects. The smooth, round-end prevents the needle from snagging as you weave your paracord project.  The back end of the lacing needle is hollow and threaded to securely hold Type 1 and micro paracord.

To attach the lacing needle to Type 1 paracord, simply cut the paracord and melt the end (shape the melted end into a point if needed). Press the end of the paracord into the back end of the lacing needle and twist the needle clockwise.  The internal threads of the lacing needle will bite into the paracord and hold it securely.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The fid sent me has a bur. I'll take care of it. It arrived in a timely manner and should make working 95 paracord easier.
Thank you.
P.s. Shipping charges could be reduced by post office and I wouldn't mind.


Works great for the smaller paracord.


I didn't read carefully I have not used steel since I went to brass and it does not thread onto the nano cord

You can always return product for a full refund if it is in new condtion.


Great products and awesome customer service!