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Schmuckatelli Pewter Kiko Tiki USA Made (1 Pack)

Schmuckatelli Pewter Kiko Tiki USA Made (1 Pack)

SKU: 270-206~1 DC ebf

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Schmuckatelli Pewter Kiko Tiki. A different face on each side of the bead. Made in the U.S.A. (1 Pack).

7/16” x 9/16” Long w/ 3/16” Dia. Hole

Beads or Charms add style along with creative personalization to beaded bracelets, necklaces or any paracord project. These ornaments come in all kinds of shapes, colors, sizes and materials. There are many with insignias (Police, Fire Fighter, etc.), Birthstone colors, Christian symbols and Skulls along with Glass and Crystal Jewels.

Please note price shown is for a single bead/Charm.

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