Paracord Scraps and Spool Ends

Everybody has leftovers from paracord projects. These are caused by mismeasurements or they are remainders of a hank or spool from the latest project. Retailers that sell by the foot from spools end up with ends too short to sell.  Where do these go and what can you do with them?

Often these pieces of cord are sold in bundles of spool ends or scraps. For us spool ends lengths start at about six feet and end at ninety-six feet. As we get spool ends they are thrown into a box until we have enough to make up a batch. We sell the bags or bundles saying they contain at least two hundred feet of cord. I tell my guys to make sure there is at least two hundred and twenty feet or more. Our spool ends are made up of from Micro, Type 1, 275, 325, 425, and 550 cord. Most of the cord we sell by the foot is 550 cord so most of spool end bags are 550 cord.

As you can tell, spool ends that are ninety-six feet long are almost a full one-hundred-foot hank. That's easy to work with on almost any project. As the spool ends get shorter the projects are more limiting. Bracelets can be made with pieces from six to ten feet, depending on the pattern.

I did a chew toy for our dog Roxy. Roxy is a puppy and will be in the chewing stage for about a year. This toy used pieces of 550 paracord that were all two feet or shorter. There are books on paracord figurines. Most of these require small lengths of cord.

I use some of the small pieces to practice or learn a new knot. I tie it over and over on the same cord or cords. This way I remember how to tie it and have a reference after each knot to check against the others to make sure the result is the same. After repeating this process several times, you have a knotted up chew toy for the dog.

dog paracord chew toy